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  • oh sorry but I have to trade later because my DS isn't charged and if it's possible try to look for one or try to offer for one saying something like Pidove Lv 9 and you want a Snivy, either gender, Lv 9 or under but if your not going to do that I'll it to you tomorrow, sorry :(
    Is your DS connected to the internet because I could put it on the GTS and then offer it for a Pidove at Lv 10 or higher then you have to hurry and get it
    Hi welcome to Serebii listen if you need help with anything Pm me and you just want to talk Vm me and what do you know another person who likes tepig i chose tepig 3 times for pokemon black yeah and plus its nice to see more members coming on here oh and nice name ya got there
    Hi My name is Ducklett12 and welcome to Serebii Forums! If you have any questions feel free to ask and feel free to add me as a friend I could trade you that Snivy that you need and it's always nice talking to new people :) you don't have to trade me anything at all it's just a free Snivy
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