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Mar 18, 2016
Jun 27, 2005
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Mikhei was last seen:
Mar 18, 2016
    1. ccangelopearl1362
      Greetings. Your activity in the Pearlshipping thread last week puzzled me a bit, but I shouldn't be too worried nowadays. Are you doing well?
    2. Yuppirox
      Excuse me, but could you please not go off-topic in the Pearlshipping thread? I mean, your last few posts have been about Kotone, when they SHOULD be about Pearlshipping. I know Kotone is important as she is the first notable Pearlshipper, but she herself has nothing to do with the topic. So, could you please try to stay on-topic? I don't want the thread to be spammy. (You should've seen what happened to the last thread... not a pretty sight.)

      Also, about the one-liners, if you're having problems with your English, you could at least put 2 sentences, or just make sure to be on-topic, kay? Thanks for your time. =)
    3. sweetpikachu
      Okay, I'm sorry for offending you. I was trying to give a helpful suggestion. I'm sorry that it hurt your feelings. But I was not deliberately trying to be mean to you. Did I post it in all caps? No. Did I call you stupid, idiot, or any other name? No. I was trying to be nice. You said that you don't understand English very much I was saying that learning some more would've helped you elaborate more on your posts. Again, I am very sorry for offending you, and I hope you can accept my apology.
    4. Adelaide1994
      I understand, but you really need to elaborate your sentences please.
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