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  • It doesn't matter - I was thinking that the Division B members would alternate around their training duties, but a mentor system could work too. You could ask either Crash & Charm or Noibat if you'd rather an actual player mentor your character, or I could have Prism ask them in the RP? Otherwise an NPC is fine.
    Hi there! I was just reading your RP post in the Winter Ball, and just thought I'd pass on some info to you!

    1. I really liked reading your battle! It's not often that RPers let their characters make mistakes and be vulnerable like that, so I liked it! That said, as RaZoR LeAf mentioned in the OP, all battles during the Ball are supposed to take place in the Battle Tent. You may want to edit your post to say that Roth and his opponent walked over there and had their battle in the Tent - either way, just something to keep in mind for the future!

    2. After the battle, Roth was "Holding her wounded, lifeless body in his arms." You might want to avoid using the word "lifeless," because it means "dead"! Meloetta is certainly not dead, just unconscious, so you may want to change your phrasing there, haha.

    I hope that helps!
    I was kind of hoping shiny Mega Absol would be a different colour to the norm, but alas. :p I received one with max IVs and EVs in a trade a while back.
    No problem. :) It's level 68 with wiped EVs and a Modest nature. So not too bad!

    If you can nickname it Sir Knight, that would be great. :) My FC is 0903 2751 0161.
    I don't have any Mega Stones to spare, unfortunately. :( I can trade you a shiny Raichu, Relicanth or Jolteon? :) Or any item from the Battle Maison up to 48BP, if you prefer that.
    I could always try a physical Mega Gardevoir... just for fun. ;)

    Would you like anything in return? If you could nickname it, that'd be awesome too.
    Some of the side stories were pretty tough. The thing that mostly annoys me about PMD mechanics is that you end up doing all the work. The team does nothing to back you up. Every once in a while, I'll check the PP usage of my team, and I have nothing left, but the second pokemon has used 4 moves total.
    PMD could get intense. I actually had so much empathy for the pokemon. And the part where your partner loses you and goes back to town by himself, and then collapses on the beach crying for you...I broke inside. But yeah, very emotional plot for a game designed for 5-12 year olds. I loved it. There was a perfect balance of plot and events. And the main game could be quite long. But it wasn't super difficult. I am so emotional attached to my pokemon and my partner, it's almost embarrassing :)
    Yeah. That is a bummer. Fennikin is so adorable. If you can't tell from my avy, I'm a fan ;)
    I think Absol could go either way. I just refer to them as a girl out of habit. The first one I ever caught was female. But Mega Absol looks feminine. The wings, and the sleek fur, and the way her hair parts looks like a typical teenage girl hairstyle :)
    Of course! I can't wait to get Diancie (I hope we actually have to do something to get her. I can stand it when we just have to go get the Pokemon from the delivery center. In-game tasks and events make a pokemon so much more memorable for me) and I love Mega Sceptile!!! He looks so cool. I'm kinda disappointed with Mega Swampert. He was my first Hoenn starter, but he looks kinda...chunky.
    Seriously. It's pretty amazing for any game, and sets the standard for pokemon games.
    I played PMD Darkness before Sky, so I knew about Team Charm, so it held some relevance for me. Plus, I think they are fabulous. I loved Wigglytuff's story, because he is both ridiculous and enigmatic. The game really makes you fall in love with all the members of the guild (and all the characters you are supposed to like). Like, Bidoof's story was probably the hardest for me to complete, but he was so cute that I had to persist.
    Have you ever played PMD Time or Darkness? Sky, as expected, has a ton of content that the two didn't. The main plot was the same though. When Grovyle sacrifices himself, and then the main character gets all sad and determined, I was almost in tears because it was implied that Grovyle was lost forever. I love that we know that he is still alive! The plot is so absolutely fantastic!

    Snivy is the most feminine looking. But the rest of the line is definitely male. But I also think Absol looks feminine. Either way, the species is gorgeous.
    Also, PMD Sky had a great storyline. The ending where your partner cries on the beach kinda breaks my heart every time. Also, I loved the subplots were you played as a different character. Especially Team Charm and Grovyle's episode.

    Yeah, I'm a Snivy, because she is the only one that looks feminine. My partner could be anyone of them besides Tepig, because I'm just not a fan.
    Break? What's a break? But we are studying quantum gases. It's pretty fascinating.

    I just played with my sister and a few other friends. Nothing too hardcore ;)

    Conquest is awesome. And the art is really cool. I love all the characters, and their pokemon match them perfectly.
    Gates to Infinity? My sister has that. I've played it occasionally, and it is pretty fun. I like PMD Sky the best though. I'm a Charmander named Blaze and my partner is a Riolu named Archer. My main issue with Gates was that it only had 5 choices for starters/partners.
    Never played Link, but I have heard it's fun.
    I'm doing research in the physics department at a university. It's pretty exciting!

    Sounds cool. I used to play the cards irl. I've recently gotten obsessed with Pokemon Conquest. Ever played?
    Me neither. Been way too busy :) But i saw the cute little Absol and i wanted to say hi!

    I'm good. How's life?
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