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  • Evening to you sir/maam. I've just seen that you also joined the Pokemon Gijinka Role Play sign up. You see, I currently look on the profile on your character and, it perks my interest on your roster. I just made mine this afternoon. You coulld check it out fi you want.

    If you want some extra assistance once the role play starts, don' be shy on notifying me if possible
    I can read music because I used to play the French Horn, but I wasn't very good at it. It sounded like a dying elephant.
    But that's a cool hobby to pick up.

    It's only about 40 degrees here right now and rainy, but tennis continues, rain or shine, or like last year, snow.
    The spring sports season at my school is really short, so we play regardless of the conditions.

    Okay. Will do!
    Ooh you play guitar. That's cool. My uncle does, but I don't have a melodic bone in my body :)

    Yeah. It's really rainy over here, but tennis practice is still on.

    I would love that. It would be really fun. I'm not the best at competitive battling, but I'll give it a shot.
    Heh, you're welcome.
    And yes, the Absol will be useful to you for field group breeding.^^ Both have their maxed IVs marked (Absol has all but Special Attack, and Froakie has all but Attack maxed).
    An Absol, I knew it. :)

    Thanks for your help.

    Yeah, I can't believe people have the nerve to trade their hacks and battle with them online.
    Okay. I added you. Thanks so much! Do you want anything in particular back? I have a Continental Pattern Vivillion, if you are interested.

    It really sucks that XY can still be hacked. Remember when we all thought that PokeBank wouldn't let hacks through and we were safe from cheaters? Good times
    That would be really nice. I would appreciate that, if it isn't too much of a bother to you.

    My FC is 1693-2047-4394
    God, I can't stand Arwen. In the books, when Aragorn marries her, I was like "Who's she?" I honestly couldn't remember her because she was mentioned like twice. The only females in the book (there were only 4 mentioned btw) that I liked were Eowyn and Gladreil.
    This new elven chick is pretty cool.
    Yeah, there was no mention of him and the Necromancer in the Hobbit other than in passing. But it looks so cool with all the modern CGIs! The Eye opening was an awesome part. I don't remember how he escapes...
    I loved the barrels scene and they added in the female elf.
    I liked how they added in Thorin's backstory, because that wasn't present in the books. But the part where the elf saves Kili? and that whole love story was not necessary. And the end part was really rushed, and they left a few of the dwarves behind, which I didn't understand

    But overall, it was really well done and more visually entertaining than the first.
    Can't wait for #3 either! This one ended on the perfect cliffhanger.
    Okay. That's cool.
    I live in Gallifrey, like it says on my profile.
    jk I live in Indiana, USA, about 3 hours away from Chicago.

    The second Hobbit movie was amazing. And they brought Bloom back, which was great! Smaug looked so amazing. I really like how all the backstory was added in, since they needed to stretch the little hobbit into 3 movies.
    Yeah. Do you not live in America? It's super popular here, so I was suprised when you said you had never heard of it.
    I don't think I have a favorite Mega, but she is really well done.
    Have you ever watched Despicable Me? The scene with the stuffed unicorn just popped into my mind xD
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