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  • You drew those? They look really good.
    I like the Gardevoir, Flareon, and (of course) Absol!

    Mega Absol is beautiful. She looks so kickin' :)
    Hello Milennin. I just wanted to say that I like your sig. It's really cool. How many pokemon does it cycle through? I watched it for about 2 minutes.
    Oh man, they're actually pretty good!!! no, to hell with good, they're beautiful! Do you have a DeviantArt account, so I can check more of your stuff? I wish I could draw like this, man.
    I half-understand the pace, the lightsaber battles are much more exciting, but the long scenes about the politics that nobody cares about negate that.

    Actors-wise; I love Ewan MacGregor. PERFECT for the role (although his hair in episode II is questionable). Hayden Christensen, less-so, but to play the role of Anakin Skywalker perfectly you'd need to be a god. So that's alright.

    Humor in both trilogies is bad, the OT because of the time it was made, and the prequels because of bad writing. So, IMO the OT wins here, but it really doesn't much matter.

    So all this is understandable to a degree, but Jar-Jar Binks. HOW?
    *Brick Break*

    Really, though, could you civilly explain what makes you think they are good? Let me grab my empathy shoes.
    I think the new Star Wars movies are more enjoyable than the old ones, and Jar Jar Binks isn't the worst movie character of all time.
    COME AT ME, I dare ya.
    I'm sorry but I cannot stand for this. *pulls out gun*
    I tend to go with a ball that either matches the type or the colour of the shiny, for example when i do get Shiny Rufflet, it will be caught using a Dive Ball(or if i run out, a Net Ball)... as Shiny Braviary's colours are Blue/White/Black
    saw your post about catching everything inside regular pokeballs.... i'm kinda similar in that sense.. not the pokeball part, but in so much as i want certain shinies captured with certain types of pokeball... at least this generation it should be easier to avenge a lost shiny than in previous, hope you get it soon
    Wow, awesome! Congratulations! I'm glad you "got it back!" I really need to get my act together and try to get Hoothoot back now. I tried to hunt it a little earlier yesterday, and have consistently hunted it before that, but I stopped because I heard of this chain fishing thing and I wanted to try it.
    I know ... but I feel like I've done it for so long that I can't give up now, though I kind of want to. I really hate the nickname thing. I'll just keep pushing on ...
    Yeah, I'm actually still stuck on my "main" game SRing for a shiny Chespin ... I wanted to do a Badge Quest, but I can't move on until the adorable (but evil) thing shines. The SRs are really tedious!

    And I'm on/off hunting for that Hoothoot ... but I guess he has flown the coop.
    Of all the moves they could use ... Damn suicidal shiny Pokémon! Let me know if you get one back on your screen, ok?

    I just read about your shiny story. Sorry to hear about it. Pretty much the same thing happened to me the other night with a Hoothoot. I didn't want to actually use False Swipe. I was meaning to tap Thunder Wave, but because I used my finger, I was a little inaccurate and hit False Swipe instead. Then he used Take Down. Very depressing.

    I wish you luck with your hunt now, don't give up!
    read my whole post. there are people on the 5th gen forum who traded in both gens.
    Hey I wanted to reply to your thread post but your PM box is full. I have a Wishmaker Jirachi to offer and I need the Gamestop Palkia you offered. I also need the Dialga and have even more events to offer as well.
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