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Last Activity:
Mar 21, 2014
Jul 4, 2006
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<-- Solves any case!

milotic111 was last seen:
Mar 21, 2014
    1. Chapter
      ConnorTM and I need our battle reffed still. Thank you!
    2. Ex-Admiral Insane
      Ex-Admiral Insane
      Wou je het trouwens reffen? Want anderen proberen nu ook toestemming te vragen
    3. Ex-Admiral Insane
      Ex-Admiral Insane
      Heh prima. Een idee is om het te proberen en kijken hoe lang het duurt voordat mensen klagen maar dat zou verkeerd af kunnen lopen. In het Nederlands doen lijkt kan wel een leuke verandering zijn maar is zeker niet nodig
    4. Ex-Admiral Insane
      Ex-Admiral Insane
      Oh boy do I have an offer for you. Me and Escalion (2 Dutchies) want to battle it out with each other and you were reffing a match for me that's halted and if correct; you're Dutch to. For lolz, kunnen wij het gehele gevecht in het Nederlands doen. :P (Escalion's idee trouwens, ik ga niet met de eer strijken)
    5. redpanda15
      Oh. I thought that I was at critical. My bad. Sorry!
    6. redpanda15
      Also: you said that Luigi was nearing critical condition for health. That's well into the last quarter of health. How were the two close in health if Napoleon is under half and Luigi is well into his last quarter?
    7. redpanda15
      About where is Napoleon in terms if health?
    8. SubLemonal
      Just in case you didn't know George and I posted our moves.
      Thanks for reffing btw, didn't mention that
    9. Emp
      Squad's up
    10. Emp
      Can we make our match a leveling match?
    11. GoodNews92
      Hey, Milo. I just realised that the PM I sent you with my squad didn't get saved in Outbox. Would you mind PMing it back to me so I have a copy? Sorry to bother you.
    12. Super_Jamalx9000
      hello milotic111
    13. yougirasu
      Err, Milo, I think you'll find that I've only used Shadow Claw once before this round. Not twice.
    14. milotic111
      Get a crit on cut and you win, can't be more specific.
    15. yougirasu
      Milo, can I just get a more accurate reading on MM's remaining health? Just want to check how much I might have to do to try and get the win.
    16. yougirasu
      I'm aware of that and I calculated the numbers including that, but still, the health difference is much greater than the damage you say has been inflicted. I looked at the numbers with the base numbers and then again with the damage you've described. Both sets come up the same (with 10-15 difference due to multi's being in play) and the difference shouldn't be as much as your health levels indicate.
    17. yougirasu
      Yeah, I understand that would be the case. I was simply pointing out that we've both used similar moves within the rounds and if you tally up the damage you say we've dealt to each other, the difference measures up a lot shorter that what you seem to be suggesting in the previous reffing. Using the scale taking each increment as 10 damage and using your descriptions in the summaries, the difference is just 10 which would come up as minor whilst the way it's put in the last round suggests that the difference would be closer to 90.
    18. yougirasu
      That sure would explain it (although cheer up, you mean work up right?), I did wonder though when the Cut and Hidden Power did around what I thought they would at base power. But with the multi error it all seems to make sense though (although, I'm wondering how such a large gap has occurred since we've been fairly even with attacks and we have boosts on all attacks used, except for MM's Round in the first round)
    19. yougirasu
      Hey Milo, can I just check what sort of multiplier you use for your boost? Just thought I'd check because looking back I haven't been able to pick out the extra damage from my work up. If it's lower than I thought then it might be negligible enough for me to miss, but I've tried looking at it and everything seems to be falling a fair way short of where I'd have put it after the first round (since Crunch isn't well defined, I can't get a read on the damage and multi you use to check with the rest of the rounds).

      Also, I'm not sure RF would be a go-go since I need to get 2 reffings done and 1 more ordering but I need to check stuff for all of the above.
    20. Martin_
      Hey your reffing my match so... I'm wondering if he is the first to attack? I haven't done a tournament yet so I'm a bit clueless...
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