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  • Lol, don't think that! XD You're still young to me. :p

    I know. I'm pretty disappointed, too. It's something us Pokeshippers here haven't gotten to experience yet. Ah well. :( Maybe in the future.

    Also, yay, you're debating for Penguinshipping! :D
    I'll be done with college tomorrow as well. However, I will also be taking summer classes, so my vacation is shortened....a lot.

    ....to be honest, I did not. I know I failed Biology, or got a D at the most, I'm wary about my English grade, and Chemistry is around a C. I just don't know.

    As for the remakes, I'm psyched for them too. I can do what I always do again, and with each file, make the obligatory action of catching a Shuckle, a Smeargle, and a Natu.

    You'll like the remakes, but just hope that the Kanto part of the game takes more than 2 hours. And that the Johto Pokemon are not overshadowed by the Kanto Pokemon.
    Oh, MAN, I am SO sorry for not responding to that message on message live. I just don't get onto that account that much.

    I also noticed you don't sign onto MSN that much anymore.

    ....And I also noticed we haven't spoken to each other in two months. Damn, I deeply apologize for that.
    Well, with Windows Live Messenger, you can chat with other people who have Live Messenger as well. But, I didn't get the the message, though I added you. Are you logged on MSN right now?

    Thanks. =D
    Blah to you then. I think Chemistry is awesome.

    YAY! Now I have something to look forward too! And if you update at the end of Spring Break, that's fine, because that's when my birthday is!

    I'M SORRY! I DIDN'T KNOW I DISTRACTED YOU FORGIVE ME! ;__; I just now added you on MSN, did you get a message telling you that I friended you?

    Same goes for you too. :)
    Ah, come on, Chemistry is fun! It's like cooking! My teacher does make up for the contradictions by being hilarious though. Not once have I stepped out of class without a chuckle or two.

    You need to update it! PLZ! And I would try to help you out, but I'm no good with grammar and stuff...or maybe I'm not. I don't know X_X


    =P There you are. Easy way to download MSN Messenger for free. You'll have to supply an email address for it to work though, but that shouldn't be a problem.
    Hi ^^
    Since all the time we've known and seen each other around, going back to some PS thread that is now closed, I still haven't sent you a friend request...
    How shameful.

    Anyway, just felt like asking how've you been ? =)
    Since I notice you're back around here with a vengeance lol
    Posting new fics at quite a fast rate, I'm glad, I'm reading growing up right now actually, and I may post your due review tomorrow ^^

    Yeah...really glad you're back to posting your stories ;)
    Late reply is late.

    Eh, the labs are not bad for me. They're actually pretty fun. Chemicals in the lab, however, are not; I thought my hands were going to be permanently yellow after splashing hydrochloric acid on them 5 times.

    Each day I'm in it, it just gets more and more confusing. And what's worse, he often contradicts himself intentionally at the end of the lesson. I don't know which side to take when he does things like that.

    With all the one-shots you have made and posted on FF.Net, I'm surprised you haven't updated that Pokeshipping/Morpheusshipping fic yet. With my 2 favorite ships in there, you can imagine my anxiousness to see another chapter XD

    BTW, would you happen to have an MSN account?
    If only XD That would have made a great Christmas Special.

    It's a little taxing, but I think I'll manage. I've got 5 classes MWF, and a lab TTH. This time around though, I'm taking classes I want to take.

    ....Except maybe Philosophy. I'm having a hard time full understanding what he is saying.
    No offense taken, lol. You're speaking the truth. :p Sometimes I feel like creating a secret forum for the intelligent shippers. ;x

    No problem, btw. :)
    Oh Milotic I'm sorry if you thought I was directing my rant at you! ^^; You (as well as a few others) are really great members, and make modding worthwhile over in Shippers Community. I didn't mean to make it sound like I hated everyone. D:
    LAWL, I was just building up all of the frustration inside of me, until I could hold it in no longer.

    I sure hope this induces change in that thread....
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