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  • Ik heb dit eigenlijk altijd, zal wel ergens aan mijn firewall liggen. Tot nu toe heb ik alles kunnen ruilen hoor :)
    Nope, I don't have Teddiusa, sorry. I don't think I can trade tomorrow, my Salac plant is just a sprout right now.
    Thanks! No rush to trade, I obtained the berry in a trade yesterday and planted it so I could have one for myself. I'll PM you when I can trade.
    Kk, I just got home from work. are you ready? im going to add your fc and get this going.. my fc is 0258 7867 1824

    il be on the forus and on standby for the trade..for the next few hours
    I got omonyte for sure.. well when you want to set up the trade?

    ekans and omanyte for corsola and pineco?

    I would appreciate it if you could hook me up with 1 of each starter also, ^^ its ok if its to much work. Either way ill stay on the forums alot more for the next day or so we can set up the trade. I have till 11:30 pm eastern tonight, then work and ill be back at 11am - , so let me know
    I've been trying ever since we got it a few months ago, and I can't get it to work. It's, like, blocking me out or something. Sorry, you'll have to continue searching :\
    No, you're right, its not a huge help. However, what is a good item for a Baton Passer? All my other pokes have what I think are their optimum items (Arcanine - Choice Band, Dragonite - Lum Berry, Forretress - Occa Berry, Milotic - Lefties, Metagross - Expert Belt), so I figured I may as well stick the sash in there somewhere. It helps if I use Iron Defense/Swords Dance as my opponent switches, I can take the fire move on 1HP and Baton Pass to something useful
    My Focus Sash was on my Scizor, lol. Nah, I had Choice Band, which I why I switched out when you sent your Scizor. If I hadn'tve had it, I could have stayed in and Flare Blitzed ya :p
    Gallade wasn't too bad. Choicd Band Extremespeed from an Arcanine is hard not to be 2HKOd by without resisting, especially since Gallades have poor Def. I'd say it was a bad switch, but It used my last two Speeds so it actually protected Starmie and 'Chomp.
    Yeah, but I'm not really fussed. It was the Starmie that did me! Arcanine made a good comeback but then I ran out of XTremespeeds!
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