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  • ALRIGHT... I have a Brief Review... Kingman 2... Good and Fun... but NOT AS GOOD as the Original, B+
    ALRIGHT!! Got 2 Films to Review! John Wick: Chapter 2, this is a Sequel to an Action Film with Keanu Reeves that I LOVED back in 2014 and the Action in this Film is pretty To Notch and Fun to Watch :) There isn't any SHAKY CAM BS or Quick Editing where U can BARELY SEE A *UCKING THING, so it was Refreshing to see Action Scenes to their Full Extent. U have some Good Cameos by many Actors who have their 2-3 Scenes of Shining Glory. Flaws would be some of the Pacing, took a while for some of the Action Sequences to happen, and PART of the Ending I wasn't a Fan of somewhat. Overall, A-

    Then I saw... The LEGO Batman Movie. Ok... IF U THOUGHT THE DEADPOOL Opening was HYSTERICAL Beyond Belief, this Film would come in 2nd Place for having a GREAT Introduction to a Movie. Just like in The LEGO Movie, Will Arnett was SOOOOOO PERFECT as Batman here, COMPLETELY HYSTERICAL!! :) Michael Cera as Robin, Zach Galianakis as The Joker, and Rosario Dawson as Barbra Gordon/Bartgirl are all Good, and I FREAKING LOVED Ralph Fiennes as Alfred! :) this Movie JUST LIKE The LEGO Movie KEEPS it's Cleverness and SMART Jokes and are used PERFECTLY here :) this Movie has a CRAP TON of Celebrity Cameos and when U hear them briefly they are FUNNY! :) and... there is a TWIST that happens about Midway through the Film and... IT'S PERFECT and I WON'T SPOIL them! There aren't too too many BIG FLAWS, I'd Give this an A just because... I just don't think it's an A+ Movie so again, I Give this an A!
    Hey! Anything been happening? I've seen a CRAP TON of Oscar Films that were back in 2016 and I've seen 1 OFFICIAL 2017 Film! Split, M. Night Shymalan's Newest Film!
    Ok that's GREAT!! :) Hope wherever U went was Fun. I saw 2 as of the Last 2 Weeks in Theaters. I'll mention them later. But Moana was GREAT!! :) again... COME AT ME FROZEN DIEHARDS! MOANA HAS A MUCH BETTER LEAD!
    Saw a Movie today, thought it'd be a DISAPPOINTING Film because of Word Of Mouth on it, but it just ended up being Fine. I WISH IT COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER STILL because it was one of the Movies I was looking forward to because of the 2 Stars, but still an Enjoyable Ride for the most part, Passengers with Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. Give it a B
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