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  • Btw, chaining isn't fine for the circuit. You have to random encounter it. Chaining makes it to easy, sorry.
    My question to you is: Would you SERIOUSLY hunt in the circuit? As I said, I don't want to change the rules and then the people I change it for don't even do it.

    The people entering are very serious about hunting and such, so, you would absolutely do the circuit if I change the rules?
    It's just I sort of underestimating you a bit, that's all. ;p
    It's not an easy hunt that people can do, so great job on getting a Unova starter.^^
    Congrats on your shiny Tepig, Minhie.
    Tbh, I didn't expect that you'd manage to get it :p
    The drawings are niice. Why don't you post them in the club too?
    It's not only for shinies, but all related to shiny.
    woops sry i forgot you :p
    and thanks! i need all the luck i can get
    and good luck to you as well!
    woops sry i forgot you :p
    and thanks! i need all the luck i can get
    and good luck to you as well!
    Hmmm, I'm okay, I guess. Not shiny hunting much due to school work, though. The desire is there; the time is not.
    I've got to say, that drawing of shiny Ralts is simply amazing! Did you draw it, or did you just print out a black and white picture and color it in?
    Hey, good to see you again.^^ Congrats on your Suicune too.
    I hope you have good luck w/ the new game. Happy hunting again. :3
    Congratulations on your shiny Kyogre! Lovely sight!
    At least someone has finally got it. I'm sure you're aware there some ppl are hunting for it: S_D, D_S, Kirk and me. So you should be proud of getting it first.
    Looks like my luck has infected you too =P j/k

    I quit my Kyogre hunt btw. I'm freakin bored, and I couldn't even reach 18,000 SRs.
    I'll hunt for it again in the future when I have the spirit.
    How can your SS be corrupted, is it an original game? I'm afraid it'll happen to mine too n I'll lose all my precious shinies there.

    Good luck on your Kyogre hunt too, I don't think I'll get mine.
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