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  • Yeah, that would be cool. As for Serena, I don't think she'll do more than blush and act shy unless she's given a push (or a hard shove) in the right direction.


    If you were my dad, I'd try my best to get myself disowned.

    It happens from time to time. Since nothing big seems to be coming our way, people may be taking a break.
    Cause of death: super cute mutual love moment between two of the best main characters in the entire Pokémon anime

    Well, if that were to happen, there'd be no time of death since it's very unlikely to (but not at all impossible :3)
    Yeah, she can take a beating. I just hope that there'll be a moment where Serena shows Ash that he's been so dense, so that he could be the one for once to show some love towards Serena.
    Yeah, it might be a bit out of character, but I figure Serena's gonna get frustrated soon if Ash keeps up the tsunami of dense replies he's been giving Serena so far. Maybe angry wasn't the right way to describe it, frustrated sounds more like it. :D
    Haha thanks :p
    If again.Well I heard background music in the Chespin episode so I don't know if that's a hint of a new opening.
    Hmmm Ash winning the league Clemont goes back to the gym Serena becomes Kalos Queen and puts on showcases in different towns and Bonnie works in a Pokémon center then Ash and Serena marry have a child who goes on an adventure etc.
    At this point, any sort of conflict would seem forced. I think the fight between Bonnie and Clemont is the most we're going to get.

    Ah, so that's why you're so bitter! C'mon dude, did you really think that I, one of the greatest Pokémon trainers in the entire world, couldn't do better than a Lv. 88 Pikachu? XD

    As for my Arceus, I saw it recreate the universe in front of me. Only one Pokémon can do that.

    (I dunno man, it's becoming extremely chaotic XD )
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