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  • I like DP as well, but XY is better XD

    Yeah, seems like it.

    LOL sure man, but I've been around long before you. Do you really think all I did was sit around on top of a mountain? The reason I live up here is because nothing in the other regions is enough of a challenge anymore. As for why Ash and I are better than you...well, I'm an incredibly strong trainer who can survive the coldest mountain peak in the world wearing nothing but a T-Shirt, a pair of jeans, fingerless gloves, shoes and a thin jacket, while Ash saves the world at least once each day. Also, how did you ever come to the conclusion that I was gay? I'm perfectly straight, thank you very much -_-;

    As for Arceus, I captured him a long time ago and had him recreate the universe so that I could have a new Giratina. Don't know about you, but he wasn't too OP for me XD

    P.S. You beat Drake. So what? He's a member of the Elite Four, but that's pretty much it. Even the wild Pokémon up here could utterly crush him.
    Good for you.

    They won't call it bias, but they will argue enough to make your fingers hurt form all the typing.

    Traveled to every region. Don't care about romance or human companions (Mt. Silver isn't for the faint of heart). He's my counterpart from an alternate universe, so he isn't really 'better' than me (though both of us are better than you, that's for sure).
    Don't take LizardonX's comments seriously. Wow, I'm actually a bit surprised that you know about SKB XD

    Believe me, it was just as powerful as the one in the movie. Sure, whatever helps you sleep at night XD
    I think that's pretty spot on, at least for a few people. Eh, mostly BarelyPolitical (Barely Productions nowadays), ERB, Jeremy Jahns, jacksfilms, TeamFourStar, Screen Junkies, some tech channels like SoldierKnowsBest and Pocketnow, pewdiepie(when I'm bored) and Markiplier (only seen his fnaf 1 playthrough, but it was pretty awesome). Honestly, I'd be surprised if you've heard of more than 3 of these channels XD

    Mewtwo can't speak without telepathy. What Pokémon waste brainpower trying to project its thoughts while trying to focus on a battle? As for Mega Evolution...I know enough XD
    'Pessimism' isn't quite right, since some of them don't care about Ash winning or losing. To be honest, I'm not even sure why half the people posting on this site even bother with the show anymore, since they don't seem to care about any of the XY cast. I don't really know about YouTube, since most of my time there is spent on other channels.

    His Mega Zard X can't even beat Steven's Metagross. Mine solo-ed a Legendary Pokémon.
    I like her so much because she has a big crush on ASH like me :p , she likes Fashion,likes to perform and be KALOS QUEEN,has my fav pokemon fenniken (braixen) what's more attracting to a girl? :D
    It's gigantic, dude...the other Pokégirls don't even come close XD Yeah, XY isn't really popular around here. I honestly don't know why, since it has everything most old-school Pokémon fans would want (awesome animation, much better battles, clever and badass Ash with a powerful team of Pokémon and a huge win streak, interesting companions, a semi-canon ship etc). People on other sites seem to like XY, so I guess it's just a Serebii thing. As for Serena, I'm pretty sure her fanbase in Japan is nothing to scoff at. It's just that she's a polarizing character.

    What, you gonna splash my Lv. 100 Mega Charizard X to death? XD Nah, dude was actually pretty smart. Knew when to give up, pack his bags and leave. As for my mom...yeah, I guess I should've tried to visit her more often. Hey, nobody's perfect!
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