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  • Pretty decent for a snowy mountain filled with bloodthirsty Tyranitars. As for Ethan, do you really think he'd be able to beat me if I used my real team? XD

    Ash isn't popular on this site. I'm pretty sure his traveling companions (especially the girls) have a larger fanbase.
    I'm from the Netherlands, or Holland if that doesn't ring a bell. :)
    Atm I only support Amourshipping and LaserBlade. (Clemont/Korrina)
    I do agree that the plot of most Marvel comics can become a bit confusing if you haven't read some of the previous issues, but if you keep on reading them, you won't need much background information. You'll understand the plot in no time if you keep reading, believe me :)
    If I had to choose my all-time favourite Marvel character, I'd go with Iron Man :)

    About school: I've got one year of grammar school left before I can go to University, so, the moment of truth is approaching... Hehe :)
    I'd like to study Astrophysics when the time comes. (So probably next year) Also I'm really interested in computer programming. C# 'n' stuff, you know :)

    Well I'm fluent in Dutch, Frisian (the second language in the Netherlands, mostly spoken in the province of Friesland) and of course in English.
    I can read and understand German, but I'm not fluent in German. (Not yet, almost there, lol) It's really hard to be able to come up with words as soon as you need them :D
    I'm quite good at Latin to the point that I can understand most texts from around 1000 B.C. to 500 A.D.
    (What I haven't mentioned is that I can also speak a bit of French, it won't sound beautifully, but I can understand people when they speak French as long as it doesn't get too complicated.)

    So you're from Vietnam? Vietnam's got an actual rainforest in it, must be amazing. And I bet its a lot warmer there too. In the Netherlands temperatures usually don't rise above 32 degrees Celsius, and the winters can be soooooo cold.

    And you're a fan of soccer (or football as it's called in Europe) just like me! I follow football news very avidly as well, and of course I play football, but I'm not THAT good yet, lol :)
    Sure thing, I don't really know what you'd like to know, but here's a quick list :)

    I am 16 years old, well seventeen in a month :D
    I'm obsessed with Marvel, I've watched every single marvel movie and I've read most Marvel comics from the seventies until now.
    I'm a huge fan of Pokémon, both the games and the anime
    I've got a photographic memory, so I never forget :DDD (Beware of what you tell me :D)
    I've got no job, but I do play football a lot, and one could say I'm obsessed with that too.
    I speak 3 languages fluently, and 5 in total.
    Well, that's pretty much it.
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