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  • Idk, just logged to Twitter and saw everybody are celebrating about Google+ separated from YouTube:/
    Tell me about it >.>;
    There are a lot of jerks on serebii and some of them hate Serena so that should explain a lot.

    Me too btw what we're the messages they told him?
    Hey there! Haha yes, technically I've been here since 2008, but then I only started becoming active within these last six months I believe?..or year. Too bad I can't change my username anymore xD
    As for biology, yeah it's pretty difficult I think. I haven't taken enough major classes to make a final judgement, but the non-bio prerequisites such as Chemistry and Physics were challenging for me (I hated them to be honest). But so far, my biology classes have been fine and engaging. There's just a lot of memorization and my grades haven't really very good. :)) But thanks for asking! ^_^ How are you? Are you in college too?
    We only have 2 months though :p
    There were certain teachers I hated but I'm going in a new class next term.
    Oh that sucks :/.I'm 15 hbu?

    Whoa that sounds really corrupted O.O;.

    Really?thats messed up in here some people say its very occult :/
    Lol yeah XD.Oh I never heard of that country before btw whats so bad about it?
    Basically everything I like :p
    No I wasn't gonna ask,Oh thats so sad that means you never played the gen VI games :(
    Haha I know the feel.I don't really say where I'm from but from the contry most of the users are here from ;p.Hmm well battles,gym matches Pokémon Showcases and Amourshipping :D.Hbu?
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