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  • Heyo Minteh. Yes, I'm back. Though I'm deciding whether I want to spend time RPing again.

    And then I find that the FE RP I wanna join has SUs closed off so...

    Is it all right that if a spots open, can you tell me? I've been obsessed with FE for months now and I only really wanna join one RP to see if I have the time for it. or let me put an su up even thougb its closed

    If you're still interesting in joining, I'd be open to letting you join. The forums have been fairly quiet lately, and although the thread is still open, it hasn't been posted in for a while. If you can get out a sign up in a couple of days that'd be great. We're not too far in the plot, so it would be fairly easy to read up and jump in. Having another person involved might get some interest in it again.
    It's perfectly fine, don't worry about it! Hope your personal stuff clears up, if it can. The RP has been started, but we'll keep a spot for you just in case :)
    Sorry to bother you, but in order to avoid double-posting on the Sign-up thread for 1942: A Hogwarts RP, I have to tell you that I've set a deadline for Sign-ups to be in. Said deadline is October 25th, 23:00 UTC. Sorry, but the RP needs to begin. Hopefully you can put an SU up by then.
    Hello! I was just wondering about the status of your SU for the 1942 RP. There's no pressure or anything, I'm just curious!
    Heya! I heard from Tangeh that you wanted to have a spot in mine and TikTok's Harry Potter RP, and I just thought I'd say that we've increased the SU limit to 15 due to request, so you can sign up if you want to!
    I think my sign-up is a finish as it's going to be. I covered basic details, but admittedly, it is a bit sparse.
    Once you told me about that flower, I became quite a fan of it! All I had to do was ask about whether Havnaar had a local flower with symbolism for a pin design idea! <3 Aww...Henriq's such a sweet big bro! I think he'd be glad that Kenna managed just fine and remark that he'd have to tease Kenna about it later on! Also, Rose would already assure Henriq at the same time that nothing untoward happened to Kenna before they broke out, aside from beatings! He already knows what depraved guards did to Rose in Galvez that ultimately made her survive two months when nobody even survived a month (she had to tell the truth to the hunting party who found them), so I guess he'd be very worried that it might've happened to Kenna too! XD

    At that point, Kenna knows that the only thing Rose fears is succumbing to that feeling! Actually...Rose at that point believes that Henriq is too good for her! Nothing about Henriq reminds her of Aidan, as she gradually realizes once they leave Havnaar...Henriq is not a liar, unlike Aidan, Henriq is no charming devil, unlike Aidan...Henriq is rough around the edges, but honest and real. She tries to rationalize by thinking of instances where in Henriq might remind her of Aidan...but nothing comes up. She then concludes that Henriq is a man who can have anyone, even the princess...so why choose her particular? Kenna can easily reassure her that Henriq sees through her, and has made mistakes, just like her! She definitely would attest that Henriq is a good man who would never lie with the intention of harming someone! She can even mention offhand that she knows Rose doesn't want to be tamed...yet Henriq also has his wild side, and he's waiting for someone just as wild to run with (like one of the quotes on Rose's board)! XD
    Velvet definitely works best in darker colors! XD But dark green is my favorite, and dark blue is my second or third favorite in terms of velvet colors. XD One usually doesn't think of real formal earrings until say, school dance season, so we're actually pretty normal. I tend to lean towards creative earrings. XD Like, I'd be fine associating my non-favorite characters with say, purple, orange, yellow, white, brown, pink, less "attractive" shades of green and blue...you get it. XD It's real, trust me. :p There are lots of rare color mutations for American lobsters...but blue is perhaps the most well-known. XD

    Damn, you don't know how much I love Creme de Cassis and Creme de Mure! Two of my favorite fruit-flavored stuff, so I can say that special mead having blackberries or currants (or both) will taste awesome. :p Hehe, that's good for cheapskate Artus...he'd probably indulge himself. :p Val would also know never to pass up on the good stuff! That should prevent any more alcohol fights. Speaking of celebration of life...one of the blunter members of the gang should say "If the 'celebration of life' is a tradition here, then I wish Ria outlives us all." Kenna or Henriq could at first, not get it and ask why is that, then the answer is "So that none of us have to be stuffed into her revolting dresses for the entire day to celebrate." It could actually elicit one of two reactions...Kenna and Henriq defend Ria...or both of them actually laugh and admit that yes, Ria's dresses aren't bound to be comfy! XD

    I'd like to imagine that the Libra-analogue constellation is particularly prominent and easy to find in the night sky, hence Yggdrasil! And hehe, when Rose walks outside, she'd obviously have to pass in front of the house before she reaches a good clearing. Henriq would probably wake up and hear her by then! I think he'll ask before she turns back and notices him "So, I'm guessing you've never seen anything like this in Alba?" XD
    I just find it easier to have Pokemon that hit hard on at least one spectrum, considering that the goal is to empty the HP bar after all! I'm the impatient sort, so I prefer hard-hitting over relying purely on stuff like Burn or Poison (except for Umbreon...always my favorite Eeveelution). XD Sometimes, one can actually hazard a guess...such as Snivy's speed relative to Tepig and Oshawott. Snivy looked sleek compared to the two of them, so it was a reasonable conclusion to guess it was fast. I thought it was going to have a high Sp.Atk though...but hey, that's why there's Contrary. And obviously, turtle starters (or any starter with some sort of shell for that matter) aren't going to be fast. XD I remember people speculating on the speed of the Alola starters...half were firm that the Rowlet line was meant to be the fast one, while half claimed it was the Litten line. When Decidueye's stats came out from the first leak, people were so quick to dismiss it once they saw that the entire line stayed fairly slow, and were quick to jump to the thought that the Litten line was the fast one since Torracat was fast...until they saw Incineroar's stats! None of the Alola starters ended up fast! XD It doesn't look like a Cloyster either, because a Cloyster is an oyster and the "Shellder" on the Slowbro....isn't. XD

    Henriq just gives off a very tall impression, hehe. And for him to be 4-6 inches taller than Rose is good, because it gives off the impression of strength...but also warmth, especially with the good amount of facial hair he has (Aidan in contrast, is the same height as Rose and doesn't have any facial hair)...but at the same time, keeps Rose above his chin in height. Well, that's actually cute...it can explain the way she is as partially influenced by a "Napoleon Complex". I think it's partially because I find Domhnall very attractive, but I've never seen him lose it in his movies...so it would be interesting to see how he looks like when he does lose it. XD
    Well, I figured that since Rose's board has some red, it might as well be red rockfoil! The gang would obviously suspect that something went on during their stay, and Rose would glare at them and explain that the pin they gave her broke! Hell, even Kenna is one, that's why I love that you added the rockfoil to her board too! If Henriq asks more about what happened in Galvez, Rose would proudly mention how Kenna managed to carry half Rose's body weight on a week-long prison diet, during the time that Rose got bitten by the beast! Suffice to say, I just love how a flower becomes a symbol of strength! White rockfoil for Henriq, who never once changed who he was despite everything life threw at him, red rockfoil for Rose, who might've been hurt and damaged but never lost the will to live and fight! XD

    And because Rose was under the impression that Kenna never thought of such things, she didn't suspect Kenna to pick up on anything! It's a very high-stakes moment...it would be dangerous for a glamoured Kenna to sleep with the target because one, if the glamour breaks, she's meat, and two, Kenna is demisexual, the acting would be very unconvincing. Rose, at least wouldn't need to be glamoured...she's less likely to be discovered and killed. Like, the only way that could stop Rose's hidden feelings running wild would be one of them saying "Hey, it's either you take the chance and we all come out alive and free...or we surely will all die. It's in your hands, Rose." This will momentarily allow her to recover from the mention of Henriq and agree. Then after the mission, she'll definitely ask Kenna privately about it! When Rose hears the truth...she'll then reveal to Kenna what exactly happened with Aidan...and how she thinks Henriq is too good for her, because he's just...the opposite of Aidan...honest, kind and unafraid to fight! Rough around the edges but real, rather than smooth and charming yet deceptive. XD It would be up to Kenna to reassure her. XD
    That's true! Dark green velvet is particularly stunning...in fact, when I think of velvet, the first color that comes to mind is dark green! I received them when I was 16, because I didn't own a single pair of "formal" earrings...they're very simple and step-cut...my dad kinda questioned my choice of stone at first, pointing out that I had light blue eyes...I had to point to my (dyed) hair and explain that green always goes with red! Hehe, I really am picky with whom I assign the emerald to...if there's a green-themed character whom I don't like, I'd usually assign something like "green tourmaline" or "malachite". This is the lobster I'm talking about. It's just a normal American lobster with a mutation that turns it blue...about a 1 in 2 million chance. I think Ria would appreciate eating something so rare! XD

    Hehe, I particularly love Catelyn's dark green fur-trimmed overdress-coat-thing! I think it could plausibly work as something pretty common in Havnaar? What's the special mead's key ingredient anyway? That would be something new for Rose, because c'mon, she's never been to a Havnaar funeral! I'd imagine that there probably would be a lot of it as well...though thankfully, there probably would be no need to pay, otherwise...remember the bar fight scene? Well, if the deceased is a warrior in particular, I think battles wouldn't look out of place to celebrate a heroic life! XD

    I think that the equivalent of Libra (Henriq's sign) should be something grand...or at least unique. You see, Libra is unique among the Zodiac signs for being inanimate...so the Havnaar equivalent of Libra should be unique in some way! How about the World Tree/Yggdrasil? Or y'know, Lightning? I'd like to think that seeing the particularly beautiful night sky outside the window of the forge was what tempted Rose to head out in the first place! She never saw anything like that in Alba! XD
    I'll admit though that another thing that may make me choose certain starters are offensive stats. I generally like at least one good 90+ attacking stat or speed. That's why whenever I see a starter design I like, I keep wishing that it doesn't become the slow defensive one with less than 90 in both attacking stats and speed! But yes, Gen 7 really had great designs and typing choices! I made sure to get all three starters, so I wouldn't miss out! XD Mega Slowbro is more "silly" I have to admit...but what made me scratch my head was how the "Shellder" managed to swallow the Slowbro's (or Slowpoke's) body. It's just...bizarre. I was really dreading that it was going to be another Meganium with absolutely no offensive stats whatsoever...thankfully the nut ended up cracking after all. XD

    Well, since Rose is an even 6', then Henriq would definitely have to be over 6 feet so they wouldn't look so awkward! 6'6" puts him at a good height...tall enough to be intimidating to those who first see him, but definitely still accessible! XD Oh, damn, I thought Ria was 5'9" or something judging from the actress you chose as her fancast lol (Emilia Clarke is 5'2", Katheryn Winnick is 5'6"). Now, knowing that Ria is actually supposed to be 8 inches shorter than Rose makes the jokes about her forcing Rose to put on her clothes even more hilarious! They'll just hang really wrong. XD Oh, damn...I enjoy seeing tightly-wound characters just absolutely lose it, and Hux is probably at the top of my list! I just find the idea of casting Kenna as K-2SO totally weird...while Rose as K-2SO is easier to picture (maybe because K-2SO is black). It's actually more difficult to find a current popular movie series where Rose can be casted as the female lead! It would require a strong and heroic but idealistic and sweet male lead, and said female lead being cynical, tough and so reluctant to love...until she somehow does! XD
    And look! I added rockfoil to Rose's board now! I chose red rockfoil, to match the red splashes scattered among the pictures here and there! Hehe, it is a rare feat to help Rose appreciate flowers...and Henriq succeeded where nobody else did! D'aww, Rose would definitely be stunned into silence when he explains it as he pins the rockfoil brooch on her cloak, and to everyone's surprise, she doesn't take the brooch off! Aww...that's so sweet of him! And of course, Rose would privately realize to herself that Henriq too, is a rockfoil...a survivor who's definitely seen the worst of things, withstood everything, yet never changed who he was and still remained his rugged yet kind and honest self, even if he did suffer a lot...never lost his beautiful soul, never once stopped looking up and fighting for his beliefs, and never lost his optimism. And yes, I love the meaning of giving a rockfoil to someone you love! Something that endures and is lasting! <3

    Hehe, it would be awesome if Kenna deciphered/understood immediately, and would give Rose a knowing look while Rose isn't looking...Kenna would probably keep it to herself until it comes to the point where the gang's fate is in Rose's hands (possibly the part we talked about when obtaining very valuable info requires the real Rose to sleep with a dangerous target, rather than Kenna glamoured as Rose). Kenna might say, "Remember what your father told you...do this for all of us, for yourself, for Henriq...everyone," and Rose would go "Henriq?! What does this have to do with him?!" while some red colors her cheeks...and Kenna, after perhaps mentally berating herself, cheekily remarks that Rose might've changed her cloak back to her usual black one, but she never replaced the rockfoil pin...and then asking Rose whether she knows what a rockfoil means. Rose might go "beauty and strength...Henriq told me", but Kenna would eventually reveal that there's another meaning, which she then spills! XD
    I really don't get why green is so rare then...in period dramas, they're usually put on redheads/auburn-haired types, but rarely anyone else! I like the look of green velvet and green brocade...there's something majestic and powerful about richer shades of green, without the usual ostentatious vibe of purple, blue or red! I have emerald earrings myself! One of my few "normal" earrings. XD So yes, it's my favorite...when I assign emerald to a character when talking about gemstones...it means that I like the character a lot. No way would I assign it to a character I dislike! Ria's board having crabs would make me laugh! I think she's a blue starfish sort though? Or you know, blue lobster (they exist)! XD

    I have this headcanons that the typical formalwear in Havnaar might be of the same fabric that the Starks wear in Winterfell, complete with their best fur cloaks! If funerals aren't that heavy and not the public "crying over the grave" sort, then Rose would be much more comfortable. Noticed how she distanced herself from the funeral that happened in the RP, reasoning out that it's pointless, a waste of time. and that no amount of crying could bring anyone back magically. Life celebrations make a lot more sense to her...especially if the person in question is a hero, a warrior, or anyone to be proud of! The fact that there's bound to be good Havnaar mead is also a plus! :p If there were battles as part of the celebration, Rose would gladly join in! XD

    Ooh...now color me intrigued! What are the names based on? Norse things? Animals? Trees/plants (like the Celtic tree signs except mixed up, with some trees replacing others)? Or even...their gods? XD Well, and take into account that Alba is well-known to be quite the misty and foggy place...it being based on the Scottish Highlands, so clear nights are rare...but in Havnaar, there's the added bonus of the aurora! Clear nights, lots of stars + aurora probably makes Havnaar have the most beautiful skies! XD
    Hehe, I tend to choose starters that look like they have some personality, either on the show or in the art...when I saw Gen 4's for instance, Chimchar looked like it was scratching its ass compared to Piplup and Turtwig just looking cute, and I went "yup, I'm choosing that one". XD I still think the prize for worst Mega in terms of looks go to Slowbro or Audino...I would've said Glalie too, but it looks so much like Ferrero Rocher chocolate that it's hilarious. Mega Swampert can easily be fixed if it had big, strong, muscular legs. XD Damn, now I want a snowy winter region based on Scandinavia so a winter Sceptile would be warranted. :p When the name "Quilladin" was confirmed, I went "Quill...Paladin? What the hell, that's a paladin?" I was really dreading for it to become a rolling ball of a starter rather than a knight when I saw it...thankfully, Chesnaught wasn't a rolling ball...though I think they could've made it look more knight-like! XD

    Henriq can also be the opposite..."Looks like they can kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll"...because he's a soldier and is probably at least 6'6". Damn, why do I want to see Hux crack and throw a tantrum now? I think it's because Domhnall would make it kinda...sexy? An officer in uniform going on a rampage? Now, I'd pay to watch that. Rogue One? Damn, Rose is K-2SO, no questions asked! I say Tendrick is Chirrut, Artus can be Baze, and Val can take the bad guy Krennic lol. I have to include Henriq here as Cassian, so Kenna can be Jyn! I was having a hard time deciding between Kenna and Rose for Jyn...but I ended up choosing Kenna because of one reason....to me, it seemed much weirder to see Kenna matched to K-2SO than seen Rose matched to K-2SO! Whaddya think? XD
    I don't get the problem with green...it's an awesome color, and my favorite gemstone is emerald. And I think green translates very well on luxurious fabrics! Shades of blue are common though...convenient as Ria's color is blue. I really like the moon hair accessory...it references the sign of Cancer. It's associated with the moon after all, and red crabs look...weird on Kenna's green board. XD

    I imagine it being a Havnaar-style dress made using southern fabrics on the outside. Look at the inside of the sleeve, it's fur-lined, so it's warm...but the fancy fabric is definitely not from Havnaar! I always thought that the typical fabric for fine clothing in Havnaar is a nicer wool or maybe rough silk...more practical? XD

    I like military vibes, it's cool without trying hard. And I just love how his palette is muted, in contrast to Rose's dark one. Is Havnaar's astrology related to the traditional zodiac? Henriq can correctly guess Rose's sign (the equivalent of Scorpio), much to her surprise! Rose realizes as she looks up for the first time, that the Havnaar night sky is infinitely more beautiful than Alba's. Rose loves stargazing...she's an insomniac and hunts at night pretty often. I love that he still has that wildness in him...and somehow, your description of him shows that he just uses his wildness and strength differently...in a nobler way! XD

    But of course, the rockfoil should be there! After all, it was Henriq who helped Rose appreciate a flower! Rose was the girl who hated it when her father called her "my flower", and she disliked almost all flowers because she sees them as fragile (save for her namesake...because roses have thorns and are tough to hold). Henriq showed her that a tiny flower can symbolize both strength and beauty...one that can break rocks and survive cold winds yet blooms anyway. Notice I chose a pic where you can't see Sandor's face...it's because he's supposed to be scarred and kinda ugly, with a half-torn ear. XD
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