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  • Hey man, before you leave, I just want to say that I'll definitely miss you. I'm not much for emotional speeches or anything, but you are seriously one of the few people that I've always known I could talk to so easily. I've rarely ever seen you get upset or insult anyone, if ever at all. You're easily one of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, and you're a great model citizen for the rest of the forum. You don't know how happy I was retiring from modding knowing that we had someone like you on the administration team, someone who knew competitive Pokemon really well, took the job of a moderator seriously, and acted as a great role model for the other members of the forum. I'm not sure if I'll still be around here 2 years from now, but if I am, drop on by and say hi! Until then, farewell!

    Most uneventful leaving speech ever but it's ok. As your shout out was adorable, I can only express my feelings towards this in an obscure and pointless manner:

    hey miror i got a question is it possible to start a thread in the x and y yet for a shiny 6th gen discussion thread? just a suggestion do to it says that only mods can make threads there :p Im sure everyone would love talking about there shinies they got in x and y ;)
    I'm great! :D I just wish X and Y would hurry up and get here :<.

    I've been trying to make one last 5th gen team around Moltres while I wait lol
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