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  • I remember seeing you as a Mod once. Congrats! But then you got demodded. Aw, that's too bad. I like you as a friend and you were modded at a very young age like at 14 or 15. :)
    Good Bye Misaki-chi. ):

    The Forum just lost one of the few sane (and great) people it had. ;_;

    But then again, this forum doesn't deserve people like you, especially if you were treated like that. Xx;
    Would have done PM, but your box is full.

    And so forth, and so forth, even though I was active and helpful from the start! I thought to myself, why bother? It turned me off SPPf entirely. And now Reno finally got sick of it, and his work in CRMT has been the greatest any mod's ever done and even attempted to do. You guys shat on all his efforts, were difficult, were obnoxious, and when he left?
    I don't know if you'll come back on in time to see this, but I know what it's like to try and be helpful then be rejected--now more than ever. I want to apologize for something cruel and thoughtless I said on a chat recently, when I was comparing mods and their impact and put you on the bottom. It wasn't fair, really, since I did (and still do) know the trouble you mods have with CRMT. Yet I said it anyway. And to think people call me intelligent...

    That's the last time I rank the mods here.

    To show you what inspired this VM...

    Brock's tutor program is like the blind leading the blind.
    That's rejection. That's unappreciation. All I was trying to do was help. It does seem to have worked to some extent. But if a more experience player says it's leading nowhere, then why bother? I'm seriously considering quitting now too.

    I do know your quitting for sure though, so bye, Misaki! Enjoy your time on Smogon. If even I showed some unappreciation through the ranking of mods on that chat, then there really is no saving point for CRMT.
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