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  • *cough*

    Long story short, I've been talking with Alzi for all of this morning, as well as another friend, and we got into a big requesting of friends en masse. In any case, judging by your Mr. Mew avatar, can I assume you like TWEWY? I love it also.

    Anyways. Hope you accept the Friend Request, that's all. ^_^

    Somthing like this?
    Long story short, there were some idiots that kept spamming their own trading channel in #SPP and #SPP-WiFi, so Katya and Co. went to the chan (#Caquillo or some ****) and as soon as they got OP status they set up every mode possible, literally destroyed the chan and so on.

    Funny thing is, the nubs didn't even know how to ban properly lol, so Katya evaded all their kicks until an IRCOP went in and banned her from the server for "Channel Thieving".

    The message:
    [16:04] Closing Link: Kumiko[] (User has been banned from PurpleSurge (Room thieving isn't tolerated))

    I miss youuu =((((( IRC's so dull without you, lol I got SO bored that I even asked Joe to hop me in wifi, go figure....

    (nah don't come back, I'm just whining 'cause I'm lame, ignore me xD)

    P.S. Katya got herself banned from the server LOL
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