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  • XD Ah that's good...

    And well, now we have added each other... are you still lying about your gender? XP *shot*
    Ah I see... don't worry about it, as long as people approve of it, why not? XP

    And oh man same here... xD;;

    Btw, why is my claim on the list in CAPS? XP
    XP I think that's good for a change... but then again, a lot of people might protest about it...

    And nah, I'm actually fine with two bishies... but only to be claimed by one person. XP

    Or were you going to try to have this one bishie claimed by several people? Now that's something everyone might protest about... xD;;
    XD Well, I decided to have a card flip... (since I don't have any coin), the one with the image is Zoey and the blank one is Yomi... the blank one came out so I had to claim Yomi... XP

    Although I do want Zoey, let's see if no one claims her after one month... *flees*

    *doesn't want to spam the bishie thread btw XP*
    i'm tired nao.

    so here is a message before i go to sleep.

    and i don't have anything to do after band tomorrow so i may be on msn!

    Greetings from New York City!
    Sorry I can't make it to Parent's day sweetheart, but guess what!
    Mommy's auditioning for a Broadway show!
    Wish me luck!
    Kisses and hugs,
    Yes, I can tell.
    Chats boring? (Well, then when I'm bored, I'm really bored) Well...In a sense, yes. But it's always fun to see what people say and have a laugh to yourself.
    (Stop having an obessession with the Ebola virus. I can't stop you, though...)
    (Also, less formality. I've seen some of your other conversations on others profiles. They are as weird as a piece of lemon in a cardboard box.)
    Now, to learn how how the chat works. Badly. :( (lj add)
    *pokes* Oh, how would you know about me? I wonder.
    Oh, hi. (Stop discerning my identity.)
    Oh, and I don't go to the chat often. Whenever I'm bored, really. ^_^;
    excuse me but i earned all my free time by working all day long on the day shift because bryan was apparently to busy and aeris was just missing in action so i've just been working all day in them #SPP-wifi
    as a halfop, i'm pretty sure i know what hard work is
    Since the cat is just moving all the time and you seem like your active and moving around alot. =]
    Ebolalalalalalalalalala<3. my laptop has a virus T.T. I won't be able to get onto #SPP for a while T.T. I'm using my laggy desktop now pah. grats on your mod positions<3<3.
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