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  • Uhm, excuse me... You checked my sig and said that "it was way over 2 images". When I took a look in the sig rules...

    2. No more than 3 outside pictures.

    Images that you add from the Serebii.net archive, such as episode guide images, or sprites from the avatar list, will not be counted in this, as they come directly from the site server anyway. These 3 outside links obviously make up your image and banner limit.

    NEW - NOTE: Using the same image more than once in a signature counts as using multiple images. The same image twice counts as two images, for example. Simply put, you have as many images in your sig as you have
    Uh Nessa?
    Surely now I'll matter less to you,
    and you won't mind my leaving here tonight.

    That ball that's being staged, announcing Glinda is engaged!

    Yes, Nessa, that's right!
    And I've got to go appeal to her!
    Express the way I feel to her..
    Nessa, I lost my heart to Glinda from the moment I first saw her.
    You know that. :/
    and why should I help you?!

    You fly around Oz trying to rescue Animals you've never even met!
    And not once have you ever thought to use your powers to rescue me!
    All of my life, I've depended on you! How do you think that feels?
    All of my life, I've depended on you...and this HIDEOUS chair with wheels!
    Scrounging for scraps of pity to pick up...
    and longing to kick up..
    MY HEELS..
    haloo darlin ^-^;

    I made you some soup...but Chelc ate it.
    It was Chicken and stars.
    Ask her about it >:[
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