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  • you know when your team consists of only shiny pokemon it makes you look like you hacked them
    i think the FF's stal is someone kind of sex toy
    Lol best thing ever
    The reason I don't believe in cloning is simply because it ruins the whole aspect of the game and it also ruins the value of Event, and other Pokemon.
    i know, but i used to call everything with random letters, so i erased everyone, also, it was full.so plz...
    i know, but i used to call everything with random letters, so i erased everyone, also, it was full.so plz...
    sure, a shiny is perfect i just tought it was to much for a female ut mismagius, but its perfect for me. xD
    I took Humanities, and loved it! :D Then again, Global 1 was one of my favorite classes ever. Of course, I took it in a Catholic school so it was primarily religious (or Catholic, rather) art and music that we studied.
    I had a wierdo teacher for it, though. 8B

    Geology is going to be pretty much a reinforcement of what I learned in Earth Science, but I love that stuff.
    I start school on Tuesday. But, that's okay. I love school. :)
    ~I'm already starting my work for my AP classes, though. The only electives I could take this year were Drawing&Painting and Geology...

    Eh, I never got into Guitar Hero games...heck, I can't even play a real instrument without making it sound like a dying goose.
    I'm not really a gamer, anyway. Unless it's a RPG, then I get hooked. X3
    Eh, no biggie. 'Nobody cares about art threads anyway. X(

    How've you been? I'm still being a total loser playing my new Spectrobes game. *is addicted even more than usual* :)
    Ehhh, TBH, I hate Murkrow... but you have your opinion and I have my mine :)
    Pretty much same with me...I used to use it all the time... I never liked Murkrow... but I love Honchkrow
    Lol, my profile is set to private, and cool your favorite Pokémon is Misdreavus and mine's Mismagius xD
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