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Recent content by Mischevious Misdreavus

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    Gather 'Round For Some L.Rotom Art

    Well hello hello! I like the Zubats, very well done yes indeed! Keep up the great work :D
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    Gather 'Round For Some L.Rotom Art

    oh lol! now i see its a yoyo! cool none the less. :D i love the new bag! i said holy shee-iit wheni saw it. i love how it looks like groudon and heatran are kinda together and the rayquazas beautiful. neat-o!
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    Gather 'Round For Some L.Rotom Art

    oh my god a rat coming out of a vortex i think my heart skipped a few beats. i love rats! btw long time no see
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    Old chateu girl

    theyre there to emphasize that its a ghost house and haunted
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    Drugs/Alcohol Thread 2.0

    ive only had wine coming from religious grandparents. other than that i havent had alcohol or drugs of any kind.
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    haha thanks ^_^

    haha thanks ^_^
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    Gather 'Round For Some L.Rotom Art

    cresselia is looking as good as ever thar. id still very much love to see the meowth you couldnt bear to post! and good luck in school!
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    The Stalk and the Farfetch'd

    i think the FF's stal is someone kind of sex toy
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    Most productive day?

    one day i traded for 7 shinies 2 events and 14 other pokemon adding 23 pokemon to my dex and feeling totally satisfied with myself
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    Scenes that make you cry

    the end of Metal Gear Solid 3 when you kill The Boss. when her horse walks over looks at her then tosses his head up and crys out for like 2 minutes without stopping. this combined with the flower petals floating around turning red makes me choke up and cry.
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    The Stalk and the Farfetch'd

    what? lolwut? how could a bird fly if its holding something in its wing? he mentioned robobreasts awhile back. this is quite possiblt THE BEST THREAD ON SEREBII. EVER. PERIOD.
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    What's happening at school?

    torterra i highly doubt youre the smartest in your school. most schools are bilangual now and fact most have iike 5 or 6 languages. ill admit im dumb as a log but in 5th grade my teacher made me read to the hispanic kid next to me because he couldnt read english.
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    Should the sale and consumption of alcohol be banned (talkin' bout rights!)

    Rofl OMG I THINK SEVERAL OF MY INTERNAL ORGANS HAVE ERUPTED FROM LAUGHING SO HARD you twit hicks who were living by themselves in the middle of nowhere were running moonshine and other alchoholic drinks. i can assure you they werent powerful criminals in an underground black market...
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    Is Green Blue

    well i read a translated scan online so.... in the first few red referrs to gary/green/blue/oaks grandson as green but in the issue the girl is introduced hes called blue and shes called green. you arent the only one to have the problem.
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    What's happening at school?

    whats going on in school.......? at school our minds are being raped by endless amounts of information.