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  • Hey! I'm not doing to good right now, actually. I'm sick (I'm wondering if I could get swine flu again) and my sister keeps rambling on and on and on and on and on about Twilight/New Moon >.<
    How are you?
    Ah,I haven't seen you in a while.
    Sorry, I don't do so well with keeping in contact with my Serebii friends..
    Good, I'm on my break, and it's fun.. I've been playing this FPS on my computer.
    I tend to hand around games, Misc Polls, video game, nintendo, entertainment, art. Etc. I am starting to know some users a little bit on here. Dont forget im kinda remote and shy at first =p

    I have never once just collected friends, every other month if things get quiet i send a message to everyone on my list, it got to the point where the next day, i had 23 vm's waiting for me to rpely to.

    Oh geez how much do i know about taht >,> i usually keep anything to myself really, im not the open =p, i do have my days though, and usually what i do, is bottle it up, open a 2L of pop, draw and listen to music

    D= Tag? Tag!?! TAG!?!?!.... Lol i think your vm is in the top5 for longest. Maybe top 3. Im not too sure now xD
    Lol oh nothing much, Sppf realted news im trying to get my name out there, become more well known you know.... Just trying anyways xP

    *Resists the urge of stupidity xD
    Its actually worse, i only remember, like, 3 birthdays in total xP

    If she sends a reply with a flying lawnchair i know who she got the idea from =p
    well im not always right i guess xD

    Yeah, and whats funny is i forgot all of em

    Already did, except the lawnchair thing =p xD
    Oh lol nice xD... and arent i always right =p

    Lol really? ive never had two on the same day, although at one time there was 4 on one day :O

    Well, ok, since you said i can =p, i didnt want to jump in randomly
    Awesome! Throat feels better, headache's gone, and Xbox tricked me into going to see New Moon after school. What's surprising is that for a sappy chick flick/fantasy based on an over-emphasized book series, the movie was EPIC. Amazing what changing directors can do to take a movie in a turn for the better.

    Oh, and for the record, Werewolves are now officially my favorite creature of fantasy. :p
    Lol thanks xD.... Lots of people will forget im betting xD

    You litterally made a mess from my stupidity... Haha wow xD

    Hey drawing pics are fun too =3

    Oh your at the finish line.. Go go go
    Heh 17, well 18 in 3 days xP

    Seriously? I better be quiet =p xD
    By-tt-ah? lol, american wording is alright, the other languages appeal to me surprisenly

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