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  • Um, if you're still looking for those Apricorn Baltoys, I went back to my HG a few weeks ago and caught Baltoys in (I believe) every Apricorn Ball while I had the chance that day. I can get you those that you want/need at least, preferably for a male Love Shellos (either coastal version; HA not necessary). Would that be okay?
    Hi again, I'm interested in acquiring a Moon Clauncher. Would you mind looking at Scherzando and I's list to see what you want? Or can just simply offer Beast HA Mudkip for it. Thanks.
    Thanks, wouldn't mind doing future trades either. If you see anything else, I'm sure I could find something I'd want.
    Hello. Assuming I read your spreadsheet correctly, would you be interested in breeding a Nest Ball Lileep (male) for me in exchange for a Beast Ball HA Miltank? I offer the Miltank only because, once again assuming I read your spreadsheet correctly, I don't think you have it and I thought you were looking for things along that line. I have plenty of other options, if you rather those, as well. I don't require specific abilities, moves or IVs. Just the ball. I truly hope you might be able to help me out. Thanks.
    hey there I saw you have heavy ball roggenrola is there anything you want for it? I have a friend looking for it which I am willling to trade for it plus it looks good on shiny form ^_^
    I see. Well, I'm still interested in trading for one and can offer HA Love Salandit for it.
    Once I complete all 50 of my pending trades I'd love to make a trade with you :D

    I'm getting the starters in a trade but now you're telling me I have to collect more pokemon in a dream ball? :eek:
    Is this a race to see who completes their dream ball collection first ;D
    You're back yay! :)

    You can get dream ball pikachu? O.O
    And what are these new events you mentioned? New dream ball mons?
    thanks for the trade enjoy ^_^ also heads up if you breed things some reason the game will not let some legal mons go through for some reason seems they didn't fully update the game yet for trading bank mons with new mechanics >.>
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