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  • your requests for trade is ready friend :3 I be on and off today for trading as well as you can contact me on my discord chat server if you have a discord account ^_^
    hi mishellder, i am interested in your heavyball scyther. i can offer lureball dratini if thats okay with you.
    hey miishellder its been awhile since we traded XD hows it going I am interested in some of your pokemon to help out my new 7th gen trade shop plus breed things :p

    moon ball purple core minor
    beast ball tepig
    beast ball solosis
    beast ball horsea

    I have a big list so you can check out my trade shop or the specific ball thread to see what you like for them ^_^
    Good evening! I just want to give you a heads-up that your fossils and Johto starters are ready! Just let me know when you'll be available to trade, and no rush!
    Question, do you have a free space in your AC town? I reently accidentally lost my Bertha villager and hoping she's able to be held for me if someone visits my town (her house is gone but can be sometimes obtained from town visits/streetpass believe). If you had a free space and wouldn't mind, it'd be super helpful if you could try and get her and hold her for me. However, I totally understand if doesn't work out.
    I hear ya. This site is slow and very strict, but I like it's stance against hacks and such. And another forum I frequent is fast and can get replies and stuff, but so much hacking. >.< I just want to find others who'd be up to trying my way of battling with randomly selected teams and have people to battle against, otherwise what's the point of me getting battle ready pokémon?

    And I've been on a few hiatuses in AC as well. Currently hadn't played because someone I wanted out was leaving, but I wanted a replacement for her first. And now I'm doing the villager reset trick trying to find a spot for my new villager.
    twofold thanks, for both the trade and the good friend safari! im off to bed now, enjoy the poke!
    im ready now, have you added, also as a bonus, its got hp fire 5iv :) my ign is asg btw
    could i change my order to a dream ball vulpix ha female, i have a spare already, but its a bit higher leveled since i used it for breeding a bit.
    the only other thing i could breed up is fast ball exeggcute, did you get that?
    hello, im interested in a dream ball petlil if you have it, would you be interested in a heavy ball grimer, since i saw you didnt have one?
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