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Recent content by misingnoglic

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    Move failed mechanic?

    Oh, I feel like I should have known that, thanks :)
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    Did you ever make a good mistake?

    In the beginning, since Pikachu was weak against brock in Pokemon Yellow, I trained Pikachu to lvl 20, instead of just training another pokemon. This put me at an advantage through the rest of the game though :)
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    Move failed mechanic?

    Ever since I was like 7, I never understood this game mechanic, and after playing stadium, I decided to finally ask. Sometimes, when you are using moves such as hypnosis, it will say "but the move failed," even though it is effective against the type you are against. What causes this?
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    Trading between Japanese and American red results?

    Hey, I've looked all around for documentation on what actually happens when you do this glitch, but I haven't found anything besides "Your game will be corrupted" When I tried this, I got some interesting results. I traded a slowpoke from japanese red for a missingno [why not] from english...
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    Are wonder cards good for anything?

    Ty :D I still don't get why only 3, but whatever D:
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    Why is this game so rigged?

    Try playing it again on an emulator or something (I think since you bought the game it's legal), and report back if it's not rigged
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    Are wonder cards good for anything?

    So what's the point of keeping them. In the bigger picture, what's the point of Nintendo only allowing you 3?
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    Why is this game so rigged?

    I said in the OP, the games that we could beat were Clefary, Magikarp, sanshrew, ratatta, and Drowse + Ekans 50/50 - It was the Pikachu, Metapod, and lickingtung ones that were annoying as all hell And you can't deny the actual battling is rigged. If there's luck it's all on the other side...
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    Are wonder cards good for anything?

    I noticed that on my soul silver, I've used up all my wondercards, and I can't get any more events, but I can just throw the wondercards away. SO 1) Why are we only allowed to have 3 2) Do they have any use, or is throwing them away consequence free?
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    Why is this game so rigged?

    Wow, I'm pretty sure this game is the reason for low self esteem among kids our age :P
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    Any way to trade between American and Japanese games?

    I bought Red green and blue in japanese, and I was wondering if there was any way to trade between the japanese games and the american games. I know if you do it normally, the game crashes because of the lack of japanese support in american games and vice versa, but is there any nickname I can...
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    Possible to catch Mewtwo w/out Master Ball?

    I caught him with one ultra ball (I was just testing the waters, imagine my surprise)
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    Why is this game so rigged?

    Thank you =] Well I'll forget about teaching my pikachu surf, if R1 is this hard, no way in hell could i beat R2 :025ball:
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    How did you find out about Missingno?

    Funny story. I had a bunch of tracing paper + a how to draw pokemon book, and this annoying kid wanted to draw something, but there was only a limited amount of tracing paper, so I didn't let him. However, he had a tale of a mysterious pokemon, and that he would tell me if I let him. I had him...
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    Does anyone ever play 1st generation games anymore?

    I play them all the time. I feel like I'm always compelled to do things competitively on the DS games, so I like playing the old ones to get away from all that, since I can't competitively play RGBY =]