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Recent content by Mismal

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    Tribal Savages

    Hey guys. Just stopping by to tell anyone who doesn't frequent the chat that I'm active again.
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    Tribal Savages

    Hi, I'd like to be in the tournament, please. FC: 1334-0561-2197 Thanks.
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    Tribal Savages

    Username- Mismal What would you like to be called?- Mismal or Ben FC- 1334-0561-2197 Activity Level: (on Serebii or Pokemon?) On Serebii: not too much but increasing as the days pass and my free time growing On Pokemon: Can range from 1-5+ hours in one day. Rate yourself as a battler- I'd...
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    Animals that aren't Pokémon yet v3

    I'd suppose that there isn't any zebra-type pokemon, is there?