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  • Just got back from Egypt, got quite tanned indeed ^^

    I had an awesome time, hope you had a great time in France aswell. Will respond to your PM's after this =P

    O, and yes PS as in Pokeshipping, used to be quite a fan of that ship as well (what can I say, it's classic right?) =)
    Yeah, Holiday at last! =D

    I'm going to Egypt next week: Much sun, sea and beach time ^^
    I hope you have a really nice vacation too! Btw may I have your email?
    Hi, Thanks for your comment =)

    I'm fine, but yeah I know 20 years feels pretty old. I had a great birthday though ^^
    I didn't see May's cameo on tv (was it on tv? in Dutch?) but I've seen it earlier on Youtube.

    Haven't been on serebii much and haven't seen you in a long while, how are you now?
    *runs on stage*

    me: Advanceshipping!!!!

    *everybody applauds*

    me: thank you thank you

    *leaves stage*

    me: well that was easy!
    Haha, well just see what you can do then! No big deal if it doesn't work out, just so long you have fun.

    Trick-or-treat! *Got Candy?*
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