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Miss Alexis
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  • You said you wanted to move a berry to your AS, right? So I'll give you two random things for the two berries, then I'll attach one to Reshiram and send that to your AS. Acceptable?
    Hello friend! So I restarted pokemon Y (X is my main game, Y is one I bought for trading)... I picked fennekin, and BAM! Shiny. NO restarts. I'm so happy! it has a hardy nature, but it's better than say... adamant. If you want me to trade you a cloned one, I'll send you it once I beat the game and use a reset bag in super training. Let me know if you want it :)
    Hey Miss, since your PM box is still full, I decided to leave a message here. I have a leftovers, and also many other items that I can offer you, but since I am a noob, I don't know which items are more valuable for colectors like you. I have PP up/PP Max, 40+ rare candies, Black sludges, all mega Stones available in Y, a Lucky egg... Any item you would normally find during a playthrough, minus Master ball, because I spent it. I also have that event supersize pumpkaboo, if you want yet another one. Good luck on your Finals and I will be waiting for when you have time to do our trade!

    Edit : I finally sent you a PM with more details
    I've recently been learning about breeding, EV training and team-building, and im eager to battle as many people as possible.
    I tend not to use legendaries myself, but I don't really mind what i have to fight against.

    PM me if you wanna battle sometime :)

    (Your private message box is full)

    I'm interested in a female level ball pidgey and a sport ball weedle.
    I'm happy to breed egg moves and IVs myself.

    I can offer the following bank ball pokemon in trade:

    Dream Ball Mawile
    Dream Ball Swablu
    Dream Ball Carvanha
    Safari Ball Trapinch
    Heavy Ball Onix
    Safari Ball Geodude

    I can custom breed some egg moves into them as well.

    Let me know if my offers aren't appealing; I hope we can work something else out cause I'm very interested in the pidgey and weedle as I will be shiny breeding them for my friend's birthday :)

    Kind regards
    I tried to sludge bomb your skarmory, sleep powder a magic bounce Zatu, and use a water move against primal Groudon (O.O) *bangs head against wall* I think that's my cue to stop for the night lol. Thanks for all the battles!
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