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  • I know, shame on me ^^' Unfortunately no, I have other priorities since I have a child and I decide to go back to school because I hated my job. But it's in my plans, someday... :)
    [I suggest you watch Rebel Without a Cause and Happy Days. That show featured another seminal influence on the pre-Charizard Chills Charizard's character, Fonzie. I consider Charizard to have jumped the shark (a term originated from an episode of Happy Days where Fonzie does exactly that) - or in this case, Sharpedo, in Charizard Chills when he began to obey Ash. As far as losing the Indigo League, it was his first league. But there was no real excuse for losing subsequent leagues. Still Charizard does have his moments as a loyalist.]

    [Do you have a Wii U?]
    [Pikachu is my favorite Pokemon overall, but my second favorite out of Ash's is Charizard, though I think he was better as a rebel. When presented as such there was great chemistry with Ash, who was the beleaguered father to Charizard's rebellious teenager. Kind of like James Dean. What do you think?]
    [I like that among others. Penguinshipping is my favorite Sinnoh shipping, it's Kenny/Dawn. My favorite Unova one is Wishful, Cilan/Iris]

    [Which of Ash's Pokemon do you like the most?]
    [No teams from the Great White North were in this year, I normally root for them collectively to win the Cup (since the last 21 Cup winners have all been American) since the Blue Jackets normally don't make the playoffs (and were the worst American team this year, even after a coaching change which I still question, if we had fired our coach at the end of last season we could have made a move for Babcock), but I don't have that option this year. I'm rooting for teams that have at least 10 years since winning their last title if any at all (7 of which are still active).]

    [I know two other Habs fans on this site: Phsy-Spark and Shinehollow. They live in BC, but they still prefer the Habs over the Canucks. And get this: they're twins.]

    [Have you been to a hockey game?]
    [I watched it a lot when I was younger during the days of 4Kids, then there was a time when I didn't watch it at all, and now just recently I started watching again]

    [Do you have a favorite female character?]
    Yeah! I've not seen all seasons, I just "rediscover" Pokémon last year. I'm actually watching season 8 at Hoenn and the season 19 every weak(even if I don't understand Japanese ^^'). I guess you like the anime too because of your avatar :p
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