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  • ok, what I was going to ask you was, could I maybe revamp some of the forward sprites like make the facing the right way?
    Well, the main idea with mod permission for projects is if you post a thread asking people to contribute, rather than if more than one person just happen to join together for a sprite thread. We want to make sure that people don't just post threads going "okay, I want to make a fakedex, who wants to make the sprites for me?" What you're doing is fine.
    That's exactly what a project is, two or more people working on one thing. Still, I suggest you ask just to be safe.
    I'll just have you know that as soon as there's more than 1 person involved in the spirting work, I think (not 100% sure, maybe you should ask a moderator) that it is technically a project and you need a mod's permission for those. So if Millarc does spriting work you can't post it in your thread unless you got permission. If he's only heling by giving you hints and visual aid, then by all means disregard this message.
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