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Missingno. Master

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  • Left text: Legends Untold Founder/Leader
    Right Text: FrozenPhoenix96
    Background colors: Orange and yellow.
    Text color: Red.
    Image in the middle:
    Another one shaped exactly like the previous one.
    But with these details instead:

    Upper text: Legends Untold Admin
    Bottom text: Lord Fighting
    Background colors: Orange and grey.
    Text color: Pink.
    And here's the sprite.

    This is actually perfect. You've done a great job! True opinion right here! And about the text, your font actually fits into this style to be honest, it looks good. Don't change anything about it, it's perfect this way. Anyway, do you mind making me just a few more?
    You can try, but it's alright as well if it's not animated. Anyway, let's start with one shaped like this.

    Upper text: Legends Untold
    Bottom text: War Team Member

    This sprite on the right (non-animated):

    Overall colors: Dark blue and grey.

    Of course I'll give you credits for every piece of art you make, I'll keep it in mind when I create the clan when it's ready for setup. Again, thank you very much, this will speed up a lot of things. :) Thank you!
    Something like this?

    Or this?

    Or do you have any ideas or suggestions yourself?
    I'll give you the information about colors, texts, and Pokémon after your next reply. :)
    Some kind of different userbars, not the basic ones. Like, I want a sort of splitted userbar or special-shaped userbar. With a cool Pokémon sprite on it. I need a few for my clan/guild, I'm making one and getting art goes so slow somehow..
    I was wondering if you could make a few userbars for me. And since you (as you said yourself) are only good at spriting, I suddenly got a very good idea of how to do that. Special BIT userbars! Which is basically an userbar with spriting techniques. In case you maybe don't know what an userbar is... Here are a few examples of userbars:

    Could you make something like those, but with a sort of spriting style in a different shape instead? I already got a few ideas of how to describe the userbars I want to request. And I think giving an sort of 16-BIT style to them could be really cool!
    Greetings, Missingo person. Is it true that you are an artist? May I ask you a little favor, please? Would be truly appreciated!
    Yeah, because I continued to edit the old post after Itza posted a new update that I completely missed, so that first level raising was never taken into account. ;)
    Oh, thank you. :)

    And, about the Galvantula, let the blue stuff remain blue. I have a back story for it. ;)

    Thank you so much. :D
    Hello. You're the greatest artist on FB, or so I have been told. Will you please recolor my Joltick the way I described him to be? Blackish gray body with red eyes. If there is some sort of payment to be made, let me know? And, just so you know, could you please recolor the animated sprite? Thank you. :)
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