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  • Are you ever going to post a picture of your Celebi, seeing as you've said, "The Celebi glitch is real! I have Celebi!" for the past 3 years, but you've never posted any proof.

    This is something I've been wondering for a while. If you don't reply to this, this just gives us another excuse to not believe you have Celebi, so just post a picture and make us happy!
    Pure luck, skill with the Pokéradar, and patience. And in the case of Golem and Donphan, trading (Golem came from my cousin, and Donphan from the GTS). It doesn't look hacked to me (and if it is hacked, then the guy did it extremely well), or I would've released it by now, as I did with all the other GTS shinies I got- Phione (captured at lv. 99 on Route 202), Slowbro (same), and Gengar (captured in Turnback Cave, looked legit, except it was in a Cherish Ball). I also got a shiny Seviper off the GTS, but I wound up trading it in one of many transactions that led to me getting the Donphan.
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