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  • Missingno000, it's been a little past three days now, and you still haven't posted in our ASB match. Please find a way to post in and view the battle thread our if you have the inability to post/have internet access please post in the trainer absences thread ahead of time.
    Equiall means that the match is both equievo and equilevel. That means that all pokemon used are considered to be at the same level as the highest level trainers trainer level, except for uplevel pokemon which are considered one level higher. All pokemon are also at whatever evolutionary stage they'd be at that level. So if you were fighting a level two trainer, all your level one pokemon would be considered level 2 for the battle, and your Bulbasaur, for example, would be an Ivysaur if you wanted it to be because that's the evolutionary stage it would be in at level two. The level up only counts in that battle. Some battles are equilevel but not equievo, meaning that although they may be considered a higher level, they are in whatever evolutionary form they'd normally be in, rather than the one they'd be in the the equilevel.

    Just for future reference.
    That's not how the league works.

    Your battle is larger, so you're going to wait longer to get a ref for it. Just because you made the challenge earlier doesn't mean you get first dibs on refs.

    The more you post where you're not suppose to post and the more you complain, the less likely you are to get a ref. I was considering picking it up earlier but now that you've made such a big deal about it, I'm not so inclined to do that. :x
    There are plenty. Be patient; the league's hit a bit of a slow patch.

    And please don't post in threads that you're not a part of.
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