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    As a matter of fact, it was that smut fic I linked you too. I never realized he updated it with new chapters though. XD

    Bookmarked, favorited, plaqued, immortalized.
    Sadly, I do not know who drew it D= I found it in one of slykilik's stories on fanfiction.net. His "Picture's Worth a Thousand Words" mini-series, I think it's called.

    Glad you like it though! :'D
    Yo, Sorry I didn't respond earlier. I don't come here that often anymore. Yeah, so that Pokemon book was pretty cool; very pro-Ash/Misty. I'm good; I recently added another Pokeshipping story in my fanfiction profile. Check it out if you get a chance. Later
    I swore I put ~Mist~ -failed-

    And sorry, it's just that, the shipping community obviously did not want you to go, and I did not see maybe.

    I failed/fail epically, sorry to let you down Mist. DDD:
    oh, we're in the same ship! XD no internet access really creeps me out. While my fics need to be updated, my dad cut it off. Migosh. Finally i can get on sppf again in an internet cafe :p. Ah, and yes. I hope youre okay :)
    yeaaaah it feels soo weird!!! lol

    we must be getting old i guess XD
    wow travel....thats sooo cool ^___^ me...well...i want to study international relations and diplomacy :) wouldnt mind becoming a diplomat when im older :)

    yeaaaaah...you know i was seriously wondering what happened to everyone...but its sooo awesome to be in contact with you again...i shall add you to my msn lol

    sighs* i wanna start drawing again...however with work and everything...i dont have much time :(

    aaaaah i really hope something happens with pokeshipping lol...i really wanna see something with ash and misty...and i havent watched pokemon for like 4 years now O__o or maybe more lol

    okie dokie

    take care okies :)

    keep intouch ;)
    wow...lol...it feels like yesterday we were just in high school hehe!!
    i wish you all the best with uni!! what you studying???? :)

    aaah yeah i did search through the threads...and yeah...my account on photobucket is deleted X__x i was hoping that maybe some people here actually have my old artwork...coz my bro messed up my pc and i lost everything..including my old artwork..oh well..such is life!!!

    hehehehe...well this is great..im glad to hear from you :) pokeshipping still going strong?

    keep intouch okay :)
    You live in New York? Good place, although it is very crowded. I live in Connecticut so it's basically an hour drive for me. Have you met any celebrities in Califonia?
    heeeey lol

    yeaaaah its been aaagesss....
    well...what have i been up to after sooo long...hahaha finished high school and i shall start uni soon!! what about you???

    gosh you know...i was wondering if you could help me find my old fanarts that i drew here at serebii..i dont have them anymore :(
    Hey, what's up? I am doing fine myself. Just glad it's not winter anymore because I hate it. Where did you travel to? I'm guessing nice and hot like the Carribean.
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