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Last Activity:
Jun 30, 2011
Apr 23, 2005
Likes Received:
Nov 5, 1989 (Age: 30)
Home Page:
the eventless island
doing something else for a change

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revolutionary~, 30, from the eventless island

~Mist~ was last seen:
Jun 30, 2011
    1. Misty-Fan-Forever
      That's awesome =O Being a flight attendant would be so cool (I loved going to China and Japan and want to travel some more). My final result was an OP 2 but doing Japanese means I can apply for OP 1 subjects which basically means that (providing I meet the prerequisites) I can apply for any course and I'll be doing one called Multimedia Design which is basically a bachelor of Information Technology with a creative flare. So I'll be doing databases and possibly programming since I'll be working with computers and software, but I will also be doing 3D modelling and graphic design which I hope will be fun. Also some writing courses as electives.

      I'm glad you're doing well and get a good customer service job. They probably want people from those types of jobs as they're used to interaction with people - you're so nice and exuberant so I believe you will succeed tremendously!

      I hope you stay well and I'm glad you're still active in the forums and as awesome as ever!
    2. MapleRoses
      I'm so sorry before for the terribly late reply! I got none internet access now, and for REAL, I must QUIT SPPF :( about what you've said.. YES! I'M A CONTESTSHIPPER! XD Okay, it's up to you, though, but i'm sure it's going to be fun! XD and so, maybe i'll accept your generous offer :p thanx and goodbye hun :(
    3. Misty-Fan-Forever
      Hello! ^-^ Yes it is me! =O How did you know I was lurking? *shifty eyes* I missed the forums so now that I've graduated, I've been browsing and viewing some threads. I missed you heaps! How are you?

      I've been well. I have spent the last few months doing nothing really but next week I'll be starting University so it'll give me something to do xD Hope you've been well!

      And I accepted ya friend request =]
    4. Sapphiredragon929
      Okay, well good luck with everything.

      Ahh..I see. You can't mean it personally since you don't know me. ^.^

      So that means I'll be getting to know you now, cause I have determination and will succeed in getting your permission to add you on MSN...wow, I'm crazy.

      How are you? I'm doing fine.

      About me...
      I am a 13 year old, bisexual kind-hearted spirit who's insane and if you get him angry will crush you. I am 5'2'', ugh genetics. and often cling to ones I love. I have a somewhat trust issue in real life, and drama swamps me everywhere I turn. so I go to serebii as an escape. My name is Stanley, and when I see someone that I think is cool and I want to be their friend, I go after them.

      Unfortunately that is the only thing I'm ambitious with. I'm very lazy and do homework before the class that it is due.

      I also love to have fun and compliment others.

    5. Sapphiredragon929
      So you are leaving. After everyone saying, "Oh ~Mist~ don't go,"

      Mind if I add you on MSN.
    6. sweetpikachu
      Hey~! Thanks for the friend request~! =)
    7. ~Mist~
      As for the Misty Club, all the Kasu fans can expect to see the new one soon. Please do not give them a hard time over there. Everyone who was a member in there better help take care of it. :3 Our redhead deserves love as well as awesome Pokeshipping~ ♥

      Guys, go easy on the Pearlshippers, too. Many of us have been through the immature stage. Veterans, you all know exactly what I mean. I may dislike Pearlshipping but give them a chance, kay? Everyone improves one step at a time; besides, it's better when we get along than have these silly wars. xP

      So with all of that said finally, I will officially leave once I get the okay of Sonic & Mel. I wish you guys the absolute best of luck; I could tell it's gonna be a hit! So you guys go crazy seconding your noms, bringing suggestions to the new hosts, and of course have fun! ;D Go have a damn good time over there!! Tell me all about it on LJ/MSN. Again, thank you all for the support! ♥
    8. ~Mist~
      I hope to hear good things when I'm gone which I get a good feeling we will. If any problems come up, lemme know and I'll be happy to assist. But guys, let me tell you one thing: do not be afraid to speak out. Let the mods know how you feel whenever a problem comes up. I know all you guys want me back here as a regular but I already made my decision to leave shortly. Thank you all for missing me; I have to admit I missed posting in this forum but like I said, I already made my mind so I doubt I'd change it. Thank you all so much for all the support and encouragement. <3

      As a note, anyone who would like a banner from the first version of the Shippers Community Awards is free to request to anyone for your prize. I said this in my googlepage before I left so I don't think everyone got the message so I'll say it here instead. XD

      (Still continued; I forgot how annoying this forum is. XD)
    9. ~Mist~
      I just want to say thank you to everyone here. I think everything is okay now; see Kiori's post in the thread. You guys go have fun with the next real 2.0 version of the Shippers Comm Awards. ;D As promised, the thread shall go to Sonic Boom and Mel-Girl.

      For anyone who is confused as to whether I'm staying, the answer is that I will be leaving shortly. I only came back to help out since I knew most of you guys were frustrated. So this is the last thing I could do for all of you. Now that I know that I'm leaving things in better shape, hopefully things get back to normal. I appreciate all the opinions brought to me; this couldn't have been done without you awesome shippers.

      (Okay, I gotta continue this since SPPf doesn't allow 1000+ characters. Dx)
    10. sweetpikachu
      Hey ~Mist~! It's been a while! What's up?
    11. charizard trainer #1
      charizard trainer #1
      Thanks for the info about improving vocabulary. Appreciate it
    12. XxPaulxDawnxX
      hiya hows are you? ^^
    13. Orenji-chan
      So...I heard you left Serebii. Actually, I just read your final post. Well, I feel simply fantastic without my JS twin. You've moved onto bigger and better things in the world which is fine. I'll just move on and keep the JS fandom alive.
      & hugs and gives you JS cookies;;
    14. Orenji-chan
      I am very glad he's actually doing something. Unlike Bush who told us to go shopping after 9/11. Bush was just...an interesting old man.

      Thanks Mist! I won't give to the power of writer's block for my JS fandom shall overpower it! (: - flails across the room with her JS flag -
    15. Sushi Bunny
      Sushi Bunny
      Hi ~Mist~.

      I'm sorry to here that you're not going to be here much. You are always a really kind member to me and everyone else here, and I thank you very much for that. I completely understand the reason though. I wish you the best of luck and I hope you stay well. ^_^

      I left that in the Misty club, but I decided it was best put in here. I don't know if you're going to come back on or not, but I just wanted to say that I'm really going to miss you.
    16. Pokewiz
      Wait, Mist, you're leaving SPPF? D: Wow, I barely got to know you! But, um, if you're leaving, I wish you luck with whatever it is you plan to do! :D (that sounded a heck lot better in my head XD)
    17. Orenji-chan
      Yesyesyes. Why is the holiday over? ;;
      - clings and eats cookies -

      At least we have a new president who is very epic in my opinion. o:
      Oh my gosh. I seriously need to work on my amazing JS ff over the summer/when I have free time! Graaah~
      It's going to be amazing with love triangles...Stalin/Mao-esque leader(s) and Bohemian Revolution! *___*;
      It's clogging up my creativity pores. I should probably write out the basic plot for each chapter though because I never do that for any of my unfinished pieces fanfics.
      Haha. I'm just so amazing like that.
    18. omniouswind
      I saw that you're leaving the forums Kris... D:
      And even though we didn't get to talk I'll that much, I still thank you for adopting me!Haha.

      I know you'll be sorely missed on the forums, but I guess you're moving on to bigger and better things now. Have fun!~
    19. Sonic Boom
      Sonic Boom
      Before I forget.....

      MSN, NAO. Please? XD And please no fake email account, like Uzamaki said....

      For some reason, I can't get other people's MSN accounts, so they have to go through mine and get it. Could you do this please? I would like to keep in touch with you.
    20. Sonic Boom
      Sonic Boom
      I may have to go against my code and attack the Pokeshippers as well if it comes to that. But you'll celebrate with Cap D. Blue, I can assure that. Well, you are popular enough to be considered one. That's a shame....ah well, if you say so.
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    Nov 5, 1989 (Age: 30)
    Home Page:
    the eventless island
    doing something else for a change
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    other places ♥


    For those who'd like to keep in contact, you know where to find me. ♥