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  • No need to worry. In fact, given certain events I've been tracking in the past few weeks, I have found it necessary to bring my thoughts about my current interests together, then explain them, building on what I've said in the past whenever possible. Would you mind if I shared them with you?
    Funny that you should ask. I've been feeling a bit more alert today than I was yesterday, courtesy of a certain country's 61st birthday, namely Israel. You see, I've been pondering a comprehensive argument for liberty, optimism, innovation, and curiosity, and I've already shared some of its components with the Pearlshippers in the past several days. Of course, I've also incorporated some of my key political observations into this argument of mine, in the form of certain threads in the Debate area. Feel free to check them out if you wish, or more specifically, a thread called "Modern Israel, 61 Years Later".
    uhh.. And well it sucks SO much.
    Apparently, not even no internet access, but no computer access too. Which means I can't type my fics *sobs* i guess i have to try to write it xD . and uh well.. sorry 4 the l8 reply cuz I'm in a vacation and yay! this hotel has a hotspot so I... sneaked. *giggles* it's 2.14 a.m in my place now, you see :p
    OOOOOH~ I love those layouts =D I'm probably going to make one soon, and when I do (after it's all pretty and nice :3) I'll send ya the link. =)
    Thank you very much for your compliments. You may have already guessed that I see no problem with switching between the Pearlshipping thread and the "Debate" section of this forum, but perhaps that'll be another story. At the moment, allow me to indulge some curiosity on my part: How did you come to opine what you opine about romance in Pokémon?
    It's about this girl, Kit, who goes to a private school (Blackwood) and wierd things start happening. Turns out, the woman who runs it (Madame Duret) is a medium, a person who contacts the dead (that freaked me out D=). So she's putting the spirits actually INTO the girls. I'd tell more, but I'd give away the book *giggles*. It's an awesome book, I'd suggest getting it. =)
    Hi~ Random question out of nowhere, but I'm just wondering, have you ever read a book by the author Lois Duncan? I just finished Down a Dark Hall. It's AWEOSME. =)
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