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Recent content by Mister Pokémon

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    About The Internal Battery

    ^ Yes, it still takes a very long time.
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    About The Internal Battery

    I'm pretty sure it loads itself when played. So if you keep playing it every once in a while, it shouldn't dry up ever.
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    R/S/E Monotype Challenge!!

    This is the second update of my adventure. I totally forgot one of my favorite Grass Pokémon, Roselia. I was in a perfect situation in Sapphire to catch one from Route 128 and transfer her to Emerald. She was around the same level as my other Pokémon were at that point. She replaced Vileplume...
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    R/S/E Monotype Challenge!!

    I also started a grass monotype challenge in Emerald and the team is pretty much the same as Saberu's but I'll probably replace Cacturne with a Vileplume. Well, Cacturne would have better type (Grass/Dark), so I'll consider. Hopefully I'll find a good Tropius fast. Roxanne just got beaten, I...
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    Official Team Help Thread

    You've probably decided for yourself already because nobody's answered but I'd like to give my opinion. To be straight with ya, Persian isn't that good of a Pokémon but I love it. He's got great speed, but everything else is quite mediocre. I actually looked up Persian's base SpAtk and I was...
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    Have You Ever *GASP* Whited Out?

    Yes, lots of times. I usually save before hard battles (gym leaders etc.) so I can reset the game. I don't know what they were thinking when they programmed the game to take half of your money in R/S/E. FR/LG is much better for losing only a little and I should stop "cheating" in it.
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    hardest legendary bird

    Let's see... Articuno Catch Rate: 3 ~ Mist ~ Agility ~ Mind Reader ~ Ice Beam Zapdos Catch Rate: 3 ~ Thunder Wave ~ Agility ~ Detect ~ Drill Peck Moltres Catch Rate: 3 ~ Fire Spin ~ Agility ~ Endure ~ Flamethrower Wow, everyone has a bad movepool and the catch rate is...
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    Battle Frontier Help/Discussion Thread

    A little advice for the Battle Pike: Blissey with Softboiled. She can heal your other Pokémon and if she has Aromatherapy, Special Conditions are history. Mine only has Softboiled, but she still works great. In battles you can bring her in to wall some special sweepper and heal herself, so she...
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    Where do YOU go EV training in Emerald (for all stats)

    Why are so many people training for HP in Rusturf Tunnel? The water area right from Fortree has plenty of Marills (2 EVs), the only other Pokémon there is Goldeen and I think the chance of encountering it is 2 %. HP: Marill (2 EVs), water area east from Fortree Atk: Shuppet (1 EV), Mt. Pyre...
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    Battle Frontier Help/Discussion Thread

    Changes in bold. Solrock isn't the greatest Pokémon you could have in the first slot, but it's usable. This is mainly a set for Palace, because I tried putting as many offensive moves as possible in there. Gardevoirs Nature is quite good, because decreases useless Attack. Swamperts isn't very...
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    Battle Frontier Help/Discussion Thread

    I don't want to be an ***hole and screw over my fictional apprentices. I try to help them as much as possible, but they usually still turn out pretty bad, so no worries there. I have updated my team (again)! Marowak (f) @ Thick Club Trait: Rock Head Adamant nature EVs: 252 HP, 252 Atk, 6 SpD -...
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    R/S/E Recent Happenings Thread

    Emerald: I trained myself second and third Marowak. I wasn't satisfied with the first Marowak and eventually I found out the same thing about the second Marowak, so I EV-trained another one. I'm pretty setisfied with him, so he's probably going to stay. I also finished EV-training my second...
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    How good is slakoth fully evolved/leveled?

    Truant is horrible. Slaking isn't horrible.
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    Battle Frontier Help/Discussion Thread

    Blissey OHKOes Salamence, while it probably won't and if Salamence doesn't have Dragon Claw, I can sweep with Kingdra. Seriously, no Protect. Usually Blissey restores more than the opponent gives and I'm ready to take the chance of critical hit. Protect would take an important spot in the...