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  • Happy Birthday MFF! Been a loooooong while since I heard from you. Hope things are going well on your end. :D

    Oh but have a great birthday~
    Ah, I remember you said you went to Japan on the PS Thread.. or was it MSN? /badmemory So lucky!! Oh, I think the Information Technology route suits you perfectly! I remember when I first saw you making banners for everyone on the forum, I had a feeling you'd end up majoring in it. XD

    Ah, I hope! The job hunt has been tough for the terrible economy we're experiencing but I know I can land a job and work my way up. It's a bit nervousing but I'll keep my confidence.

    Aww, you too! I'm planning on leaving the forum since... well, it's a long story. The years I spent on this forum were fun but kinda crazy at the same time. Do you have MSN btw? :O
    I randomly saw that you were at Sweet May's list of recent vistors and was all "OMG MFF! <3" XD I'm doing okay. I was attending college for about a year but then decided to switch my career and am now trying to find a job within customer serivce to hopefully become a flight attendant. Travel excites me. :'DDDD There's a ton of travel schools in Peru but I have raise money to go live over there and the airports here want experience within Customer Serive so I'm currently job-hunting.

    Aww, awesome! What are ya planning on going for? :333

    Yipee! <3
    MFF, is that you? Hoyl crap, you're back! :'DDD In case my username isn't familar, I'm MistyMix89. How are ya? Wow, it's great to see you around again! ^^ Hope you're well!!

    I'm gonna befriend ya btw. XD
    That's good to hear! I've been doing ok for the most part but sophomore year in high school tripled the work load that I had last year. You'll do great in your university, I'm sure of it! <3

    I saw you online once a couple months ago but that was at 2 in teh morning. xD;

    Yeah the good old days, back when we actually had TIME. DDD: Now its just completely full.
    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! ;_; I fail for not telling my partner in crime this earlier. T_T How has life been? I've seen you online on MSN but its normally when I'm about to sleep. xD;
    Ah that's really great! Giving up the forums was totally worth it to get something like that. Have fun with all the extreme changes here, as well as your education life!
    Ah man what happened to you Misty-Fan-Forever? All I can remember is that you had assignments and then didn't and did again like a never ending roller coaster of work. Hope things are going well where you are! Happy birthday too!
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