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  • Good to hear. Sad to hear about the episode. But life goes on and she could be back!. I can't wait to hear of Misty and May again. And also, can't wait for the Sinnoh League and Grand Festival. But who isn't haha! You?
    Hey man. How are you? I went to camp and my computer was broken until I got a lab top. I'm so excited to be back! Nothing's new but I can't wait till our girl Misty gets back or Dawn's contests cause these fillers are lame!
    Hey Hey its me again I'm here to give more information on the petition well I'm gonna make you wait more because.................I havent come up with alot of things yet um....Mwa ha ha? But seriously um ...but the things I do know will be reveiled until...............you tell other people about the petition and tell me when you do Mwa Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hi its me Coordinator man I'm makinga petition to make video game Contests to be more like the series if your interested join my friend list and i will explain more
    Yeah it does. Not that we're negative human beings but it would be funny to see Misty and Dawn have a love/hate friendship at least.
    I agree. They should. They gave May a powerhouse of a pokemon team and she came after Misty. It'll be very interesting what this season will feature Misty as being that she is the first girl and that it's so unpredictable. I also agree with you on the fact Misty and Dawn will not get along. I love both too but I think it would make great television and cause an epic battle between the two!
    I agree. Misty should battle a lot more often. She's a gym leader and she might not appear that soon because of May's appearance but hopefully in a while.
    Haha! I know it would be and I hope she has a kingdra so bad dude. Hopefully Goldeen will do something useful. Ha. Thanks for the add my dude.
    Hey Misty Fanboi13. Like I said before I'ma Misty fanboy too and can't wait till she comes back. They need to give her a suicune and kingdra and make her an elite four member if you ask me. Ha. Anyway, I sent you a friend request. Peace dude.
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