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  • Yeah you should be able to get in. Let me know how it goes. :)
    I Love It <3<3<3
    Some of those hearts go to you too. ;)
    Yeah it had alot of Comedy and Shipping Moments. I love Comedy. :D
    You got any other Pokemon Fanfiction that you can Recommend? :)

    What would a Misty Club Be Without Mrs. Ketchum. ;)
    Just Ask Permission if you can Join. :)
    Im Reading The Pokemon Christmas Bash. :D

    No Problem :)
    You Won but you still Love Me though. ;)
    Don't worry you will be the first to know. :)
    Yeah The N Arc is Amazing so far and the only thing that can save BW.

    What Thread You Posted In?
    I Think Some Threads do Require you to join Clubs/Groups.
    You Have to Speak to the Leaders if you Want to Join. :)
    Im still new here so Im still trying to Figure things Out. :)

    Great Job. Heart and Dedication will get you Far. :)
    No one will ever mess with You. :)
    Are Right Fine You Win. But Im Not Happy About It. :p
    I am going to read some. ;)
    Your Account is Misty Ketchum97 Right?
    There better be stories about PokeShipping in there. :p
    Yeah how do you feel about Black and White (The Anime). :)

    Wow you do Martial Arts?
    Nobody is going to mess with you. ;)
    This is one bet you are never going to win. :D

    What kind of Fanfiction you be writing about? :)
    How do you feel about BW? :)

    Like I said before Misty
    What do you want to Bet?

    P.S. No Body is a Bigger Supporter for PokeShipping than Me on this Forum.
    I Love You. ;)

    ~Ash Ketchum
    Me Too. :)
    The Joke was Simple. Of Course you know the Event is Distribute in different Countries.
    North America
    New Zealand
    Thats why I said that it depends on where you Live. Misty lives in Cerulean City. Which is why I said before that Cerulean City doesn't count because Cerulean City only Exist in The Anime,Manga,and The Games.
    Get It. :)
    Yes they Should. Ash been call many things Before. He been called Stubborn a Kid but never DENSE. The Writers should Definitely Consider it. :p
    What do you want to Bet Mrs. Ketchum? ;)

    The Event starts in March from the 4th to the 24th in North America.
    The Cerulean City was a Joke. Cause you know Misty lives in Cerulean City. :p
    Yes he is very Dense. :p
    What you wanna Bet?

    It depends on where you live. (Cerulean City don't Count) ;)
    Yeah they do look cute together. ;)
    Cool. Ash gets all the girls. Its ashamed that he doesn't realizes it. :p
    No I Ship it more than YOU. :D

    Oh Word you can get 4 Meloetta's. NICE! :)

    Im a huge Supporter of PokeShipping. I Supported it since the Episode The Tower of Terror. :)
    I also Support KissShipping and PearlShipping. I also Support other Shippings but these are the main three. :)

    Do you Support any other Shippings besides PokeShipping. :)

    P.S. Im a bigger PokeShipping Supporter than You. ;)

    I hope so too. I really want a Genesect. :p
    The Event is for Black,White,Black 2, and White 2. I have Pokemon White,White 2, and Black 2. So thats 3 Meloetta's for Me. :D
    I can tell that you like Reshiram because of the games you bought. Pokemon Black and White 2. :)
    You can get which ever you want there pretty useful. The only bad thing is that there slow. But every Pokemon got there Strengths and Weaknesses. :p
    Its OK you could post a Million times if you want. ;)

    No Problem Mrs. Ketchum :)
    I know I was so disappointed that I couldn't get it. Genesect is one of my favorite Legendary Pokemon.
    I know im going to get like 3 Meloetta's. :D
    Why do I have a feeling you like Reshiram. ;)
    You can get a Jellicent in Undella Bay or Evolving Frillish. Both of those Pokemon are some of my favorites in Unova. :)

    No Problem! Anything for you Mrs. Ketchum. ;)
    You can also train your Pokemon at the Royal Unova and The GameFreak Building in Castelia City. :)
    Wow with that team you don't have to Worry. :)
    Your lucky to have Genesect. I missed out on it because I didn't know how to get the Wi-Fi for my DS to receive the Gift. :(
    Im not going to miss out on the Meloetta Event at GameStop though. :p
    OMG Misty you need more Water Pokemon. ;)
    Go get one of my Favorite Water Pokemon Jellicent. :p

    You Get Whatever Your Heart Desires. ;)
    One Place to train your Pokemon is at Big Stadium and Small Court in Nimbasa City. After you defeat them you can come back everyday to train your Pokemon. Your gonna need it when you first Drayden. ;)
    Whats your main team on your Pokemon Game? :)

    Misty no one will ever take me away from you. :p
    Do I still get the Master Ball?
    I can't be a Pokemon Master without a Master Ball. :p

    Happy Valentine's Day

    What kind of question is that?
    I mean what are you getting me for Valentine's Day?
    You know what im leaving you and going with Melody. Maybe she will love me more than you. Remember that kiss she gave me that made you Jealous. ;) :p

    ~Ash Ketchum ;)
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