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  • Only for You. ;)
    I don't know what truffles are?
    But make sure you give me a Box of Chocolates,Flowers and a Card on Valentine's Day. ;)
    Don't tell May,Dawn,Iris,Melody,Angie and anyone else that I like you best. Its a Secret. ;D

    ~Ash ;)
    Of Course not Misty. :p
    Your my One and Only. ;)
    You should start training your Pokemon more. :)

    P.S. Don't tell the other girls that. ;D

    Ninfia is the New Eeveelution. :)
    Luckily I got a Flygon,Samurott,Zebstrika,Lucario,Unfezant,and Arcanine level 72. So I don't have to worry until I face Colress and Benga. :p

    Yeah it looks like Victini's long lost Cousin. But its still Cute and I love its Design. :)
    Don't you think that Ninfia's Cute just like Ash. Mrs. Ketchum ;)
    I know I need to hurry up and beat White 2. Im still in Opelucid City. Good thing We still got time. :)

    I know its so Cute Right. :)
    It reminds me of me (Ash). ;)
    Me Too (I just need to make sure I beat Pokemon White 2 before X and Y is Released. I also need a 3Ds).

    Oh OK I understand now. :)
    I Respect it. :)
    When I called you Mrs. Ketchum I was referring to your username. :p
    You do know that Misty's last name is Waterflower right. :)
    If thats the Name you want to be called then so be it
    Ms. Ketchum :p

    ~ Ash
    What do you mean Dead Thread? Like the Thread was already Over.
    Sitcoms are like Martin,The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,The Jamie Foxx Show,The Wayan Bros. And Good Times. Shows like that. :)
    I forgot to ask you.
    How are you Mrs. Ketchum? ;)
    I plan on reading some. ;)
    Yeah im getting the 3DS for the New Pokemon games and The Luigi's Mansion 2. :)
    As long its a good book im all in for it. :p
    What kind of Sitcoms you like?
    What kind of Pokemon Fanfiction you like to Write and do you have an account?
    What kind of DS games you have?
    The only thing im good at when it comes to drawing is tracing. :p
    I love Reading about Mysteries,Biographies,and etc. (As long its a good book I'll read it) :p
    I don't like to sing or act but I love watching other people Act. :)
    Do you watch any Sitcoms? :)
    I Just Told You.
    Speaking English isn't the Problem.
    When Speaking to a Audience or Doing a Presentation to the Class is where The Problem Comes in because I care what People Think.
    Its OK Im still New to this Forum and I have a lot to Learn. :)

    Your Absolutely Right. :)
    Speaking English isn't the problem. Public Speaking is.
    Your Messages are suppose to go on my VM not yours. :p

    Believe me im a Shy Person. Anything that have to do with English I have a hard time with. Whether it is Performing,Giving Presentations and etc. Anything that have to do with Speaking I don't like. :(

    By the way there is a Avatar of Misty in a Bathing Suit. ;)
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