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  • The rule was written on the first post of the thread. And this rule only applies to the Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 section of the forum. We always go with this rule when new main games are always announced so as to minimize spam. The rule will change later on as more info is released about the new games.

    I know you are trying to voice out your opinion and I'm not against what you said.
    You may post again what you said, but please try to observe the rule for now.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Do you also hate May, Dawn and Iris or not?

    Do you think Danny from the Orange Islands is a pedophile? He's around 30 years old fell in love with Misty...

    Misty never really fell in love with Danny, she just wanted to see if Ash would be jealous, to get a confirmation of Ash's love for her.
    I just saw you in a thread in the Pokemon anime forum. And your username implies that you are a big Misty fan, like me. Are you a PokeShipper as well?

    I definitely am.
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