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  • Heh, but the work you do helps people :)

    Sorry I missed that message :)

    Lol, yeah. I get bored of them soon enough :p
    Actually, I first sketched it out by hand to get the my desired shape (though inaccurate, at least you can see what your region would look like). Then I followed some tutorial from pokemoncommunity.com on how to draw region map. It no longer exists though, but if you like, I can pm it to you.
    Cool :)

    /hmm.... I dunno. I didnt pay much attention to that battle. I recall using Surf and Earthquake :D I.E killing my ally :O

    Cant wai til its done, people like different types of guide, and yours sounds like a rare one. The ones that suggest all the possibilitys and dont just say do this and that :)
    Agreed. What other similar topics are there? My mind's going loopy right now, because it just wants to relax (I'm listening to some calming music), so I can't... find a topic...

    I'm getting sleepy... that sucks. And imagination-weird-thing is kicking in already...
    That's a tough question. Sure, we do it to animals, but humans is a different story. I'm on the borderline of deciding if it's right or not. I'm sure that just as long as the patient is terminal, it's an act of mercy killing. However, if there's signs the patient is beginning to recover, but a doctor puts the person to sleep anyway, it could be called murder. It's considered murder if a loved one pulls the plug to put them out of there misery, but it's mainly because they don't want them to be in anymore pain.

    It's still debateable, really, if euthanasia is right or not. If the person or person's loved ones wanted it, then it may not be considered wrong. To be honest, I'm not very sure, but I'll say I agree with it to a certain degree until I know more about it.
    ^_^; No, no, I care about morality, I just didn't care that it was too deep a topic. I probably should've worded it differently, heh...
    Base stats...

    Well 120 is very high, and 50 is pretty low, so id say 80-90 is about average.

    I dont know. I cant help you there. I dont know of a reverse damage calc.

    I kinda dropped that for now. I had other pokemon to train for stuff. Il pick it up when I get time :p
    that's very right ^_^

    you have to own a big time to run your clan

    that's not easy at all .. but why do you think it needs a long time to have a DS ?
    ^^ Oh, sure! I've been meaning to send you a PM or something, but never did get around to it.

    Quick, pick a topic!
    Wow, its been pretty much an entire month!

    Sorry for forgetting you. :)

    Hows pokemon going? ;)

    I just started Hoenn :D

    Also, what re-run of plat did you do? Ice, Fighting.... :S

    I'm just the opposite. I don't do competitive battling so I really don't care how strong my pokemon are. I just play it the way that is the most fun for me :) Really, Chikorita is the only pokemon I don't evolve and use ingame for batling. There are some others I don't evolve but I only use them for contests.
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