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  • Thank you! I actually don't have PhotoShop. I use ArtWeaver, and it's free, actually. Just type in ArtWeaver in the URL and it'll come up. I believe you'll get the 5.0 version. And you can draw just using the mouse (like what I do), though people do recommend a tablet. But a mouse works just fine.

    And you don't have to have a computer to digitally color pictures. If you have a scanner, and it's in good condition and scans well, you can draw free-hand your pictures, and scan them in. Some people do that on DeviantArt.

    I'd like to see your drawings when you get the chance. If you ever get a picture up somewhere, like you end up getting a DA account, let me know.
    Fighting can screw ice VERY easily. But a Frosslass is immune so.....

    Still, just one resistant pokemon can ruin it.
    I'm not a total saint, to be honest, especially at home, lol. No one's a perfect, full saint. That's what makes us human.
    ^_^ How could you not think I was nice, lol. As far as I know, I haven't chewed anyone out on the forums, and I've rarely gotten angry over a post. I think the last (and maybe only) one that got me upset was the Socialism vs. Anarchy thread. But that was it.
    Id go for Articuno over Glaceon so you can use Flying moves on Fighters, and Mamoswine can Earthquake so Fire shouldnt be much problem... So yeah, thats pretty cool :) (Crap pun, I know)
    You have to be very good, but no-one would expect you to take on full teams of weakness and win.

    You gotta remember that their team is locked once they start the challenge. So if they burn down my Gym, a Water leader will ruin their challenge just as easily. Unless they Sunny Day and Solarbeam all the time, but thats tricky, and not many Fire types can learn Solarbeam.

    An Ice playthrough will be tricky. You gotta deal with Fire and Fighting pokemon a lot. Good luck though :)
    Heh, I dont give out my adress, im not thick :p

    I live in/near Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

    You? You needent go so far as town :)
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