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  • I had a similar problem with a shiny Beldum. It kept using take down and killed itself :(


    The Red Dragons.

    Im having issues with getting a damn Ludicolo and Tangrowth, so Bugs are raping my team.

    Im gonna hug the first trader that offers either :D

    Fighting can be the most versatile type.

    I mean, a Hitmonchan with the 3 elemental punches can decimate an AMAZING amount of pokemon.

    There arnt really any good fighting types meant for taking hits though....
    A pokemon coordinater is a trainer who only does contests and stuff. And yeah, its how well the battle was faught, not whether they beat each other that determines the winner :)


    Im ok on the help thanks. Im bouncing stuff off VSU, cos he set up an impressive Bug team and overcame its weaknesses.

    Thanks for offering though :)


    Surprising a surpriser could be hilarious. Wed spend half the time going "what the hell?" and "Lol!" and "Damn!".

    It would be hilarious, I suspect :p
    Hey, thats not a bad thing! You can try the 6 pokemon challenge!

    You can only use 6 pokemon all the way through (No box use basically). It forces you to create a balenced team :)

    If you get online, make sure you tell me, I still want to battle!:p
    Sorry, but WHAT?

    It means "For The Win!".

    Like saying "is so incredibly awesome" with a grin.

    Say I flinched you (in a battle) 5 times in a row, id go "Flinch hax FTW!". Sort of saying "hell yeah, beat that!"
    The 4th wall is... Well it gets broken when characters in stuff like pokemon know their in a TV show. Hence why "we need to fill a half hour" is hilarious.

    Wikipedia will likely give you a million examples. Id try typing in : Fourth wall. TV.

    Youl know what it means then.

    If you ever played Kingdom Hearts 2, the Stich summon breaks it by crawling on the camera.
    Lol, I remember that one. 4th wall break FTW!

    I managed to watch episodes 182 to 204 while I had the PC :)

    Id usually only watch one or two a day, but its the first and (possibly) last time I can watch it til September :p
    That's the miracle of being humble, knowing and accepting you were at fault. Don't blame them for being who they are. It'll take some time before they realize what they're doing and how it's hurting them and their loved one. But I'm sure they already know what they're doing is wrong, they just don't want to admit it. We'll just have to wait and see, and let them make that decision on their own.
    It's hard to find an honest person, and you, sir (or ma'am), is that person. I want to shake your hand and proclaim how proud I am of you, and how you accept being proud about it. We need people like you in the world.

    As for the topic, it is embarrassing, but it's a serious issue. It doesn't hurt to talk about it, but if it gets too out of hand or uncomfortable, it's best to avoid it. Talks with parents or trusting adults are the best sources. That's where I got my beliefs, and have seen it happen myself. I can honestly state my beliefs true. It's up to the people to accept them or not, and I just let it be.

    Once again, good for you! You are the person you wanted to be, and you will defend that willingly and proudly. I salute you.
    Don't be embarrassed, be brave, there's nothing embarrassing about agreeing with a belief(s)/idea. Don't be afraid to state your beliefs. But you have made my day, Misunderstood Hero ^_^ (I did that purposefully, BTW, I feel that's the best way to do your name as an actual title :3). I had just finished a smiliar conversation with my mom, and here I run into a person with similar beliefs.

    It's a small world after all. So, thank you very much. Remember, don't be afraid to state your beliefs. I've made that mistake years ago on this forum after an incident on a thread in the Debate forum. In this day of age, it's best to speak your mind then have it mutilated by someone else without it being known.

    Once again, thank you.
    Oh, now it makes sense :p

    Lol, I thought you were on about them swearing or something. I was sat there going "huh?".

    Lol, still havent watched my two episodes yet.

    Might watch one in a bit....

    Dunno though. Should I just enjoy the lol's now, or keep them as long as possible.... Hmm.... :p
    You said "not as bad as some of the words that come out of them!"

    What did you mean?

    The "10 char limit" thing was to use more letters, as you cant post a VM shorter than 10 chars. :)

    I have two more episodes to watch now.

    I temporarily had access, so I used the opportunity. :D

    The Sinnoh voices are dreadful though huh?
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