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  • Aye :D

    Its not just a kids show though.

    About 95% of Brocks antics will only make a teenager laugh.

    Mind you, people/pokemon hurting themselves will always be funny :D
    True about the height.

    However, if you look at an anime kid and an adult, they tend not to put joints on kids. As in you can see the arm is bent on a kid, but you can see the elbow shape on an adult.

    Its not the best picture to define that on though.

    Also, I think she's called Molly.

    How.... European.

    Japanese names are more fun :)
    Its the little girl in the third movie. Near the end the Unown go insane and she cant control the power. Meaning annoying her made her scream and stalagmites erupt from the floor. A little bit of an old "cant control the power" expression, but it looks cool. Violent too, considering its an anime for younger kids.


    The sort of hentai I think you mean is "lolicon" and frowned upon greatly. (animated child pornography, technicaly not illegal, but morally wrong)

    Does you router show up on screen?

    Or does the DS scan and just say the routers settings are incompatable? Without listing anything.

    I use a PSP and the Wii sometimes.

    Cant wait til I get a new laptop. I killed my old one and fixing my old dextop resulted in me setting fire to my curtains :p

    Roll on September...
    my laptop is buggered i can only acess the forum and library computers and on PS3 ( the keyboard on that is HORRIBLE!) when/if i get it fixed i might watch some episodes on youtube :p
    Lol, im not far off 18 and I watch it. Im midway through Johto atm. When I get a laptop again il be able to catch up again. :p
    Lol, sure, just send a request.

    Il delete that post to save you the embaressment :p

    You might want to do the same with this one.:D
    i probably won't watch it in a while because being 15, i still live with my parents and would be embarassed watching a " kid's cartoon " in front of them. i guess i could lie and say my art teacher recommended i watch cartoons to improve my skills hehehe.

    If you PM me I can help with the anime.

    Atm I only know its on CITV.

    But its Diamond and Pearl. The voices are.... dreadful if im polite about it.

    Anyway PM me if you want help finding it.

    As for the Elite four and Champion, have you played Emerald?

    That was the hardest league of them all.

    If you havent played it and want a challenge, hunt down a pre-owned copy.

    Plus you get the Hoenn battle frontier.
    Okay, take it this way then.

    In the anime, there are several different Mew and Celebi, and more than one Latios.

    See what I mean?

    We both have good points, but id like to add this one.

    Has anyone ever struggled to kill a legend in-game?

    Nope, they have to be careful not to KO it.

    The elite 4/champion could do with being a bit tougher.

    I walked them on my platinum run.

    with a team of Lv 45-50's (At the start. By the end of the elite four they were levelled up a bit)

    Id welcome a better challenge.
    Ah, didnt realise what you meant.

    But you can (for example) trade a Groudon into Ruby, and battle the Groudon in it with it.

    Doesnt cause the game to melt, or rip a hole in the space/time continuem.


    I do see your point, but the player can (Theoretically) have 6 of the same legend. So why not the champion?

    It could be that once you beat the champ, the Legend is released in the after story for you to catch, meaning you cant have it at the same time.

    Just thinking.
    The Kanto rival is a fair point, but where on earth did you get the idea only one legend exists? There are about 30+ of them.

    And aside Kanto, 2 story featured ones per generation.
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