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  • Hey, welcome back. Sorry I didn't tell you when you actually came back. I wasn't able to get on.

    I plan on reading your new fic, though. Ranger fic? Cool.
    Haha yeah, it seems pretty cool. I dunno if I'll get it, the Ranger games aren't my favorite, but I do still like them.
    Nononono, lol. When you wrote DJ, a lot of the events/route they took was very similar to Platinum that came out after your Fic ended. Now with Finding Acai, a new Ranger game has been announced o_O Though I'm excited about it, it scared me how your Fics seem to predict the next game :3 Maybe you should write something about rape and homosexuals running around the Pokémon World :D
    So... how goes it?

    You're Fic doesn't look to be as popular as your other works posted here >,<
    Haha I just got back from my party too. We played Mafia Murder and some form of charades. Oh and the girl I like kissed my cheek at midnight P;
    ALRIGHT. Well I read the chapter quickly before my shower... eh, I probably should've waited until later to read, but I was planning on getting to my party late anyway, lol.

    And chicken is... yummy? Haha I don't know what I'll be eating. I'm sort of wanting cheesecake. And tuna fish for an odd reason. Meh.
    Lol you've improved with each time you came back. First you came back with a preview. Then you left and came back with a chapter. Now you've come back with two. Lol. I'd read the second chapter right away, but I'm going to get a shower and then go to my friend's for a party :3 If I have time after my shower I'll read and review ;D
    Yeah, I think I understand what you mean. I look back at my posts and whatever from when I first joined, and I realize that that used to be me, and it's so weird how I'm not that person anymore, but I'm still me... yeah, it's really confusing, lol.
    Haha I'm glad I found the motivation, I have no clue who stole and now molests mine D:

    And yes, the minimal freaking out does seem like a relief. It draws less attention and allows the people who really care to find out on their own. And I've thought about leaving and getting a new username, this way I can start fresh and meet new people, but I think it would be easier to stay with the username I have.
    I KNOW! XD Yeah, I've been very busy with uni and stuff. Come to MSN more! D: I'm on MSN now. XD;

    And that's cool. I'm still curious about the story, so I'll still read it when I get the chance. :p
    Haha sure. I guess it only make sense since my beginning motivation was obtained after reading DJ, so in a way I took it from you, lol.
    Haha but I've been working on this since the end of November last year, and some of the chapters aren't going to be that hard to write. And I'm fine if I don't finish it by then, it's just something to motivate me to actually try to finish it.
    Yeah, it's going really well. I don't have many chapters left to go, so I'm hoping I could finish before 2011, lol.
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