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Mizz Nikki
Nov 30, 2009
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January 15
Lala Land

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Mizz Nikki

Operations Director, Female, from Lala Land

Here lies Mizz Nikki, who ended getting caught up in the never-ending blackhole of sppf, known as face offs and could not get out Oct 12, 2019

    1. matthew11
      Lol It's practically fine. It's been months now, hasn't it?

      I don't think he'll be getting a Lucario any time soon, tbh. It just seems too expected, given how the games implemented it. He, however, has Pokemon back in Oak's that can Mega Evo., so I won't complain about him not getting a Lucario.

      Yeah haha. Midterms here just recently finished. I'm probably busy for the next few months for Finals.

      If I remember correctly... Nope. I don't think Satoshi has given any girl a gift other than her xD

      I honestly haven't seen the recent episodes. Been quite busy with school these days. Not to mention I have to keep an eye on the thread, which adds up to my schedule.
      Yeah I don't think it'd be canon during or after the series either. It's just the status quo of Pokemon. If it doesn't, then I'm looking forward for a new potential female protagonist to ship Satoshi with xD. I was actually looking forward for BW's protagonists' cameo, even just a short while. Maybe they'll appear next Saga, like Lyra did during the DP series, which is a different case compared to BW. IIRC, it's in the Rise of Darkrai.
    2. Pokemaniac24
      Well, since I'm a straight guy, that's what I think of her. :P But yeah, since you're a girl, I shouldn't word it like that. Sorry about that, Nikki. :) He may have survived but seeing her shoot an arrow through that chest was still awesome. She took down the Digimon the most powerful males on the team couldn't. Girl power. :)

      *fingers crossed*

      Again, I apologize. And I might have seen pics of it before or clips but I haven't seen the whole thing. I love the song, though. There are many songs of her I am in love with.

      Me, too, Nikki. :)
    3. Pokemaniac24
      How glad were you then to see Angewomon kick Myotismon's butt being the total babe she is? :)

      Oh gosh, yes. I hope they remake all the gens that haven't been made into 3D eventually.

      I love her, too. First of all, she's a total babe. So there's that. She seems like a total sweetheart. And I love her songs. That Shake It Off video was awesome. She does great work. That cheerleading costume. Total goddess.

      Do you live in New Jersey, Nikki?
    4. Pokemaniac24
      That's one of my favorite episodes, and Lillymon was so kind to rescue that black dinosaur by turning him good rather than flat out destroying him. Though, then Myotismon had to come in and knock Lillymon out. Wish she got a rematch one-on-one with him. Though, I'm glad Lillymon was part of why Myotismon lost as she gave her power to buff Angewomon up.

      Black and White were incredible games, yeah. I love the Team Plasma villain plot of that game. Ghetsis and N are two of my favorite characters from the game.

      Well, she may have been a dot but at least she was still there. But yeah, I know what you mean. When I go to concerts, I'm never right by the stage and never get a close view of the singers. I mean, they do have screens there to see them, but it's not as special. I'd rather be right near them because I see them on screen when I watch TV or YouTube. And Taylor would be nice to see up close. She's so pretty.
    5. Pokemaniac24
      She's definitely a tough cookie. I remember her debut episode where Mimi was saying Palmon was in bad taste or something and didn't want her parents to see Palmon and Palmon got insulted and when Togemon became the gorgeous Lillymon, Lillymon said, "Am I in bad taste?" Lillymon totally got Mimi there. :P

      A remake of DP may come around sometime in Gen 7. I hope they don't wait until Gen 8 or later for it.

      That's great, Nicole. :D I love Taylor. It must have been amazing to see her right before your eyes. :)
    6. Pokemaniac24
      Oh yes, Lillymon was great. She was so cute and tiny that her kicking the butts of the bigger Digimon was awesome. I think she fought those trash can Digimon once and one of them is like, "this chick is heavier than she looks" after she stepped on him. :P

      Oh my gosh. Yellow would be amazing. I'd prefer a Yellow remake to another red and blue honestly. I love how Pikachu was in that one as well as TRio.

      What happened last Friday?
    7. Pokemaniac24
      Yeah, Mimi's great. Her type of personality really shines in that type of situation. She made for a lot of great comedy. And Palmon is great, too. I think I mostly like Palmon because of her Ultimate form, Lillymon who is adorable and has a sexy voice. :P Togemon is cool, though, too. She works as the tough chick.

      Yeah, I could see them remaking gen 1 first before Gen 4 and saving Gen 4 remakes for another year. I'd be fine with that, honestly. While Gen 4 remakes would be amazing, Gen 1 are the games that started my Pokémon game playing experience and to get to see those characters in 3D would be amazing.
    8. Pokemaniac24
      Who are your favorite characters from season 1?

      Dawn's one I'm really interested in considering how much younger they made May look. Personally, I hope they make Dawn look a bit older.
    9. Pokemaniac24
      I mean, if you're a fan of season 1, which you said you are, it'd be such nostalgia to see them again. So I would definitely recommend it. I'm excited to see what all the Digimon look like with the new animation especially Angemon and Angewomon.

      Yeah, they really dropped the ball with him. He had a cool design in R/S/E. I hope when it comes to the Galactic Commanders, they don't change their original designs too much if they remake D/P/Pt.
    10. Pokemaniac24
      The season 1 cast is all going to be in High School and it's going to take place after season 2. That's really about all the info about the plot released so far, I think. There are pics and trailers online. It's going to be a series of 6 or so movies, I think.

      I think I prefer her ORAS design to her original one. Still like the original one but the ORAS one is better IMO. She got a way better redesign than Tabitha IMO.
    11. Pokemaniac24
      Does it make you interested that the season 1 cast is coming back?

      And your banner is so pretty. Love Shelly. :)
    12. Pokemaniac24
      Doing well. Thanks for asking. How about yourself? Have you been keeping up with the Digimon Adventure Tri. news?
    13. Pokemaniac24
    14. xEryChan
      Haha, no worries :) thanks
    15. matthew11
      Making Lucaro train to control himself was a pretty good idea of the writers to prevent Satoshi from getting a Lucario himself. Think about it, Lucario needing to control himself was the limit. There was no extra Lucario (but it would've been better if it did Lol). Corni giving him a Mega Ring isn't what I had in mind tbh. It seems that if she did give him, Satoshi searching for one, which I assume would have great scenes, wouldn't happen.

      Mid-term exams just finished, and yet school isn't calming down :/

      Can't agree more. The gift-giving scene is all they had to offer for now. So I can't complain either.

      It's because of the basis of Amour, that being Serena's crush, which make it semi-canon. But if does become canon, it would completely destroy the essence of shipping. I mean, there's one major canon ship, and there wouldn't be the need of further shippy imaginations about it. Plus. wouldn't that make any other rivaling ships sink, and possibly break the internet make shipping wars? Although I didn't like Hikari that much, I did like her character back in the DP series. Actually, the male protagonists of the games did appear, well, just chosen characters and during a small amount of time and only in the movies, like Brendan appearing in movie 9 battling a trainer with his Swampert (seemingly referencing the game's rival mechanics where the rival chooses a Pokemon super-effective against the player's). And Lucas too, though I don't know what movie he appeared in, but he was battling Brendan in one scene.
    16. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      You're very welcome :)
    17. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      Nice avatar and I like the amour banner you made ;)
    18. RobSp1derp1g
      I had about 7 weeks of Photoshop training (included in the Web Design course) and I can find my way in it, but I'm kind of a perfectionist, so when things don't go the way I want to, I get upset sometimes.
      The designs for sale at my RedBubble profile were all made in Photoshop. *self advertising*
    19. RobSp1derp1g
      I like the banner you made. And I feel your pain regarding Photoshop. It can be quite tricky. But seeing it behave the way you want it to is very rewarding...
    20. Pokemaniac24
      Oh yeah, it's been Ash's time for a while. He would have had Sinnoh had Tobias not entered. Maybe if he brought his most powerful reserves to a League, he'd win. And yeah, if he gets a Mega, bringing in Astrid and Alain as rivals would be great. It's about time Ash face a girl in the League. Can you believe that his last major battle against a girl in a League was Hoenn?
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    January 15
    Lala Land
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    I'm Nicole but you can call me Nikki if you want to, I don't mind. I'm 21 and I live in the USA. I'm a HUGE anime junkie and a die-hard Rusher! Big Time Rush are my life & they always will be! I also adore The Wanted!

    Fandoms: Pokemon, Digimon, Shugo Chara, Big Time Rush, The Wanted, Nathan Sykes, Pretty Little Liars.

    Question of the Day: Why do people actually support Ikarishipping? It has no hints whatsoever and Paul hardly ever acknowledged Dawn's existance.

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