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I am 18, I have a great deal of interests, i like to joke around, and speak my mind. You may find me annoying at times, but just know that I am here to make friends and have fun.

Notable Friends:

Dew Watsumii: This guy helped me as soon as I started, writes great fanfics, and is an awesome friend.

FairyWitch: She was also a huge help when I started. She accepted me into her Guild, her clubs, and did my profile pic. She's an awesome friend.

Cassafass1999: She is like a little sis here on the forum. She is very nice, and we help each other out with all kinds of stuff.

Mr.L 500: He started after I came back from a long respite on the forum; I've helped him out, and him, me, and he is awesome to talk to.

-Nator-: This friend of mine is extremely nice, pretty silly, and a fellow Yugioh fan. He's a great person to talk to, and I'm glad to have been in his CT60 war.

Yveltal96: A fellow Yugioh fan, he is a great friend, and has been very nice to me.

Tool - Third Eye

Think for yourself; question authority.

Think for yourself; question authority.

Throughout human history, as our species has faced, the frightening, terrorizing fact, that we do not know, who we are, or where we are going, in this ocean of chaos.

It is then the authorities:
The political, the religious, the educational, authorities, who attempt to.......comfort us, by giving us:

Order. Rules. Regulations. Informing. Forming in our minds, their view of reality.

To think for yourself, you must question authority, and learn, how to put yourself in a state of vulnerable, open-mindedness, chaotic, confused, vulnerability, to inform yourself.

Think for yourself; question authority.

Think for yourself; question authority.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own these lyrics, the name Tool, or any of it's music.

I have a very strong opinion on opinions. If you have an opinion, you shouldn't have to be put down because you have an opinion. Everyone has an opinion, and I don't care what race, color, gender, or religion you belong to, I will respect your opinion. Having an opinion is what makes us human, and should you, the reader, not respect other's opinions, then you're a hypocrite, and shouldn't be talking to me.

Thank you to all the people on this forum that made my life a bit better. :) Bigger things are ahead of me, and I'll be heading out to help defend this country of ours. Good bye all!

I obviously love Pokemon. I play Yu-gi-oh, guitar, all kinds of games, and like using my imagination
Favourite Pokémon
Nintendo Network ID
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Trainig Lugias, and playing Yugioh


Thanks to FairyWitch for the profile pic!​

National Dex Completed 2/13/2014, at 12:12 A.M., with 212:16 Game Time, and thanks to my friends who traded me over 200 times that week